Apple’s New iPhone Battery Case is Ugly

iPhone Battery Case
As many of you know I’ve been a fan of Apple’s products for years. Usually I’m attracted by the style, integration, and ease of use. Yesterday, I was left scratching my head like many of you. Apple all of a sudden decided to get into the iPhone backup battery game. That in and of itself surprises me. What it says for the first time is that we admit that our iPhone batteries don’t last long enough for some people so we’re gonna sell you a battery to make it last longer. Just not a move that I expected from Apple.

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The Best Keyboard for iPad Pro

Logitech Create Keyboard for iPad Pro

For whatever reason Apple didn’t have the Apple branded iPad Pro accessories widely available on day one. Although you could walk into an Apple Store and pick up the iPad Pro of your choice you had to wait for Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro. Although I had preordered all 3 items together, the iPad Pro arrived two days later, but the Apple Pencil and Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro didn’t arrive till several days later. I had already sourced another Apple Pencil from the Apple Store in Michigan (thanks Linda) and I gave up waiting for the Apple Smart Keyboard to arrive. Instead I drove to my local Best Buy and picked up the Logitech Create Keyboard for iPad Pro. I’m so glad I went this route instead. Had the Apple keyboard arrived on time I may have never looked at the Logitech Create. I would have been missing out!

Here’s why the Logitech Create Keyboard for iPad Pro is sooooo much better…

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Why I’m Switching My Primary Hotel Loyalty Back to Marriott in 2016

Marriott vs. Hilton

I travel a LOT for my job. I usually either stay at a Hilton property or a Marriott property as they are on my company’s approved list of hotels in most places. However, since I started doing more worldwide travel a few years ago I switched my preference back then from Marriott to Hilton. Hilton simply had more properties in the places that I traveled to the most. Now I don’t travel worldwide as much as I used to. I do still travel quite a bit here in the US.

I don’t dislike Hilton but…

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The Sony Mirrorless A7RII Camera Review You’ve Been Waiting For

Sony A7RII Review

Ever since I received my Sony A7RII Review unit, people have been asking me what I thought about it. I didn’t want to jump to any quick conclusions, so I decided to really put this camera though its paces, traveling with it and using it in one of my studio shoots. Let me start off by saying that this IS an AMAZING CAMERA. There’s no question that Sony got a lot of things right with the Sony Alpha A7RII. I’m a Nikon shooter and have shot primarily with Nikon DSLRs since about 2006. However, I’m not a zealot when it comes to Nikon. I love my Nikon bodies, lenses and accessories, but not to the point that I refuse to look at anything else. In fact I have Nikon DSLRs, another older Sony Mirrorless camera, Canon Point & Shoot and Canon and Sony video cameras. Every manufacturer gets most things right and a few things not so right. Also I’m not paid by any of them so my opinions can be as unbiased as they can be.

Let’s get to it…

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3 Last Minute Cyber Monday Deals You Don’t Want to Miss


Hey everyone, I just wanted to give you a heads up about 4 Cyber Monday Deals that you can still take advantage of today!



Kelby One

My friends over at Kelby One are offering a lot of great deals:


Purchase a 1-year membership for just $149 (save $50) & receive as a FREE bonus:

· KelbyOne Creative Mega Pack ($99 value), which includes more than 100 of our custom-made actions, brushes, presets, patterns, tips, and more for Photoshop and Lightroom users.

· Scott Kelby Live at the Tampa Theatre ($69.95 value) – If you missed Scott Kelby’s “Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it” LIVE seminar tour, you can now finally experience the entire seminar, from start to finish, as recorded live at the beautiful Tampa Theatre. Watch the trailer

Purchase a 2-year membership for just $298 (Save $100), which includes:

> The Creative Mega Pack (as mentioned above)

> Scott Kelby Live at the Tampa Theater (as mentioned above)

PLUS: Our KelbyOne Hot Tips Guide — an exclusive ebook with 250 of our very best tips for Photoshop and Lightroom hand-picked by the KelbyOne creative team.


Adobe Creative Cloud Photographers Book Bundle: $62.99 (45% off)

The Adobe Photoshop CC Book for Digital Photographers – $54.99

The Adobe Lightroom CC Book for Digital Photographers (spiral bound) – $59.99

The Best Of Digital Photography Book Bundle: $32.96 (40% off)

The Best of Digital Photography Book Series – $24.99

How Do I Do That In Lightroom – $29.95

Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks for Designers Book, Vol. 2: $30 (40% off) $49.99 list price


Full Conference Pass for only $599 ($300 off) – $899 regular price

Get the deals here.


20% Off Everything at Arkon Mounts PLUS Free US SHIPPING!

Arkon Mount TWBroadcast RM179

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My Top 10 2015 Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is here although each year it’s becoming more and more “Black November”, nevertheless I’ve got my picks for the Top 10 Black Friday deals that you don’t want to miss. In no particular order let’s get to it:



It wouldn’t be Black Friday without great deals from B&H Photo and Video.

You can see All the B&H Black Friday Deals in one spot here.


Kelby One

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Happy Thanksgiving 2015


I want to take this opportunity to wish EVERYONE a very Happy Thanksgiving!

I have a LOT to be thankful for and one of the things that I’m most thankful for is the overwhelming amount of support that I receive from my readers and fans. Enjoy time with your friends and family.

If you get into the whole holiday shopping thing be sure to come back tomorrow to take a peek at some hand picked Black Friday Gadget/Tech Deals. I would ask that you not give in to the desires of retailers today and not go shopping on Thanksgiving. Black Friday is starting to become Black October and November and there’s really no reason that the deals can’t wait until Friday.

Otherwise, enjoy! I’m looking forward to the long weekend.

My 2015 Holiday Gadget Gift Guide is Here


That’s right it’s my guide to help you with you holiday shopping for the gadget lover (freak) on your list. The way this thing started was each year towards the holiday season all my friends started asking me and emailing about what my picks were in various categories and of course the answers were usually the same. So I decided to compile a list and just email it to the folks that asked.

Once again I’ve put together a Holiday Gadget Gift Guide to help you pick out gifts for the techies and gadget lovers on your gift list. I’ve chosen simply because they are the one online retailer with not only the largest presence, but also the one that carries 99% of the items I recommend. Another advantage is that I can continue to add things that come up all the way up to the final days of the holiday season. In previous years I would always find some cool gadgets after the static gift guide was published.

Something NEW This Year!


I’ve simplified my guide this year. Instead of including dozens of products each year (yeah it was overwhelming to me too), I’ve selected only the TOP 9 Products in any one category. This forces me to only pick the BEST items for my gift guide and makes it a whole lot easier for you to pick a gift.

How did you pick the items that you recommend?

Simple! If it’s in my guide it’s because I either use it now, have used it in the past or one of my close friends or colleagues use it and I trust their opinion. Now in some cases there may be an item in the guide that is NEWER than the one I use and I had to list that one because my model is no longer available. Unless I’ve used it or know someone who has, it doesn’t get in PERIOD.

How does the gift guide work?

The guide is broken out by Category so that you can shop accordingly. This way you can pick your gift by the kind of person you’re shopping for. I know that sometimes you have to buy a gift based on a certain dollar amount or budget (like gifts for co-workers), so I’ve given you a couple of dollar amount categories too. Happy shopping and in case I don’t see you later, Happy Holidays to you and your family! You can go straight to my 2015 Holiday Gift Guide here.

 My Top 10 Picks for 2015

While the guide above has my TOP PICKS for 2015 that I like and would recommend, here are my Top 10 picks for BEST GADGET GIFTS OF 2015:

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This is an AWESOME Keyboard for Your Computer AND Your Mobile Devices


This Logitech keyboard rocks! When I received my iPad Pro last week one of things that was missing from the order was the New Apple Smart Cover Keyboard for the iPad Pro. It’s backordered and while I hope to get it this week or next, I kinda wanted to use a keyboard in the meantime. My good friend Larry Becker, turned me on to this Logitech keyboard and I couldn’t be happier with it. This Logitech keyboard has a feature that I hadn’t seen on other wireless keyboard before…

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