Google Home vs. Amazon Echo – THE ULTIMATE SMACKDOWN

Google Home vs Amazon Echo

I’m a fan of just about all things smarthome and my digital assistant of choice is Amazon Echo. However, I do like Google products too and decided to give the new Google Home a try. I wanted to do a side-by-side comparison in the areas that matter most to me and the people I talk to. To give you a better idea of how these products work, I recorded this video so you can judge for yourself:

As with most comparisons one product is going to do better than the other in certain areas. However, the thing that keeps bringing back to Amazon Echo is the fact that it not only can respond to my internet queries, but it can also control my smarthome devices in ways that Google Home just can’t (at this time). Both products will continue to get better, but Google Home has a LOT of catching up to do. Also now that Amazon has an entry level version in the Echo Dot at under $50 it’s a no brainer!

You can get Google Home here.

You can get Amazon Echo here, Amazon Echo Tap here and Amazon Echo Dot here.

7 Replies to “Google Home vs. Amazon Echo – THE ULTIMATE SMACKDOWN”

  1. I really don’t see the benefit of these devices quite yet. My Sonos gear crushes both of these devices in terms of sound quality. One is hooked up to my home theater so there is no comparison, the other is a sound bar which makes these speakers look like toys. Also, my phone can already do most of these things using the digital assistant, so having a device you can’t carry with you seems like a step back, not forward.

    1. From the sounds of your comment you are focused only on one aspect – sound/music. If that was all you cared about then yes, these are not for you. However, keep in mind that an Echo Dot has audio out and is NOT limited to a built-in speaker. So for $49 I can connect a Dot to any sound system/stereo of my choice. Carrying around my iPhone to use Siri is GREAT. Simply voicing a command to my Echo to control things in my house can’t be matched by a Sonos or smartphone. It really depends on what you’re trying to do.

      1. Not just music Terry, but that is one part that Sonos does better. In terms of home automation, I have a few things I have enabled but the benefit of voice control is of not too much value, at least for me. I have Nest cams but they are always on and not sure why I would want to control them. Nest thermostat, not often adjusted and I can do that from my phone. To be of much benefit, I would need these control things in every room otherwise I have to go to where I have one to issue a command in which case I might as well just go turn on a light or whatever. I’m a techie, but right now this looks like technology looking for a problem to solve not vice versa.

        Your house might be a lot bigger or you have needs that are different. For me, turning on a light 10 feet away from me isn’t really solving a problem I have. I’ll just go turn the light on with the switch.

  2. I’m also not in love with this tech yet. Good distance capable microphones are a cute idea but flawed because they have no personal context. So even if the devices were better at telling you about your schedule, who’s schedule would it tell you about? On he other hand personal wearable devices solve this with context of who is asking.

    I’m guessing that most modern homes will have some built in microphones eventually, but they will have limited use cases.

    1. As far as your concern about whose calendar, Amazon Echo has multiple account support which I use in my home. Simply say “switch accounts”. It will announce which account it’s currently using.

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