The Adobe CS5 Pharaohs Tour in Cairo – Photo Trip Report

I'm headed back from Cairo as I write this quick post to thank everyone who showed up and supported the CS5 Pharaohs Tour in Egypt! It was an amazing turnout with standing room only. I had a blast, took lots of pictures, met some great new friends and was photographed more in one day than I have been in 10 years 🙂 I'm totally wiped out and therefore I decided to wrap this trip up with more photos than words. Enjoy…

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Yes I managed to work in a Fashion Shoot 🙂 – ok back to work!


The turn out was absolutely incredible with some traveling as far as South Africa to see this event!


They treated us like Rock Stars! I was floored by the number of fans that were on hand to have the photos taken with us and to take photos of us. I'm truly humbled by the response!


Yes we made it to Historic Old Islamic Cairo. This is a "must visit "if you're in the area.


Special thanks goes out to the Adobe User Group Managers in Cairo! You guys are awesome. Thanks for making me feel so welcomed.


That's all I have time for now, I'm about to board my next flight. See more of my photos here and once again THANK YOU CAIRO! I shall return 🙂

13 Replies to “The Adobe CS5 Pharaohs Tour in Cairo – Photo Trip Report”

  1. Thanks Terry for the amazing sessions that you and your colleges gave to us and.
    From You Fan : Nabeel Molham, Egypt

  2. We are really humled by this great report, you, Jason and Greg are gave a great “performance” (I can’t say presentation or session as it was far more than that), you can count on being eagerly awaited back here in Cairo, hope to see you back soon.
    Just make sure you have more time as you’ve only seen 10% of what Cairo has to offer 🙂

  3. The Thanksgiving goes to you, We spent a good time with you, man.. hope it could happen again.

  4. we are the ones who have to thank you terry,we had a great time with you ,and actually you were all tolerance with and gave us the chance to take this 23412341234243 pics with you 😀

    thank you again and you are welcomed here at any time.

  5. It’s a pleasure to meet u in the real life 😀 and it was amazing day to me to see u and all the Adobe team
    it was like a dream which comes true
    i hope to come back to egypt
    u will be welcome in any time terry

  6. Terryyyyyyyyy 🙂
    speechless !!
    the day was simply AWESOMEEEEEE and Adobe Suite 5 is just taking my breath away 😀
    Egypt is waiting for u again n again n again n again ………….,etc =)

  7. Terry, can you please tell me the maker of the camera strap you’re wearing in the 1st pic of this post in front of the Sphinx? I’m talking about the strap around your neck with the little release. Is that an UPstrap? If so, would you know the model no.? Thanks!

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