Eye-Fi to Send Photos Direct to iOS and Android Devices without a WiFi Hotspot

In case you haven't been following me on this story you can start with my "Shoot Tethered (wirelessly) to an iPad" from a couple of weeks ago here. Back then I decided to try out the Eye-Fi Pro X2 Card in my D7000 shooting wirelessly to an iPad 2 via my MiFi mobile hotspot and I was pleased with the overall workflow. Today Eye-Fi just announced a new card (yeah that happens in technology, deal with it!), the Eye-Fi Mobile X2 which is a cheaper card that offers Direct to iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) and Android mobile device shooting WITHOUT the need for a WiFi hotspot. Removing the WiFi hotspot requirement and going direct in an AdHoc fashion makes this solution even better. However, don't fret if you bought the Pro X2 card like I did. They are going to release a firmware update to the existing cards next week. Keep in mind that the Pro X2 card does handle RAW and Geotagging. The new card does not.

This should open up a whole new world for people that want to shoot with a decent camera and share those images even with some minor retouching/adjustments, from a tablet device directly. I'll be shooting RAW to my regular SD card in slot 1 and BASIC JPG to my Eye-Fi card in Slot 2 on my D7000. Life just got a little more fun.

If you don't have an Eye-Fi card yet, you can get the NEW Mobile X2 8GB card with the Direct Mode love built-in here.

Sorry, still not Compact Flash joy.

As soon as I have the yet to be released iOS App and an updated card you expect a review here.

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24 Replies to “Eye-Fi to Send Photos Direct to iOS and Android Devices without a WiFi Hotspot”

  1. Nice update! would be great to use this new card on the D7000 2nd slot (jpeg version) and keep the RAW files on a normal card in the 1st slot. Would appreciate to see the performance test of this setup!

    Thank you!

  2. Love it!
    Waiting for the Compact Flash Card, though… Apparently they are working hard and fast, it should be out soon. I heard the RAW transfers are slow though – what was your experience?

    Thanks =)

    1. Yes and no. 1st off it’s not supported by the newer X2 cards. Secondly it will also decrease the wireless range. Lastly it will be hit or miss, but probably worth a test.

      1. Hi Terry,

        I have a similar adapter and can say for sure that it will not fit in the D3S. Not sure about other cameras. The adapter is simply too thick to fit into the CF slot. Looks like we will need an organic CF solution.

  3. Terry,

    Just noticed that you will be in Helsinki next month. What is your schedule? You gonna be around for dinner or are you moving on to the next city? If you have time, drop me a line via email if you have time in the evening.



  4. Super excited about this new card and its price point. Never really needed RAW transfers as I really just want a large preview for myself and clients to view. Thank you to the D300s with both CF and SD.

  5. Terry,

    Always appreciate the insightful posts. I’m curious, when the pro version firmware is updated, will you be able to upload RAW files to one device and the jpg files to another?

    1. Yes, you can set up the card to upload, lets say, JPG’s and movies to the iOS or Android device, and RAW to Eye-Fi-View or Eye-Fi Premium, and to your desktop (and the JPG’s and movies can also go to your desktop)


      Thx —

      Eye-Fi co-founder

  6. just saw there was a firmware update for the pro version, I can’t seem to get it to work but it is out now.

    1. It appears that you have to Delete your account (backup your pics first) and then create a NEW account before the card will allow the firmware update. That’s what worked for me and I was able to then update.

        1. We had a little hiccup on the first day of the roll-out of the firmware. But today, you don’t need to delete your card or your account. The firmware update for all X2 cards is available and has been correctly set on our servers.

          Thanks —

          Eye-Fi co-founder.

  7. Terry I am shooting HD Video with a Canon T2i, will the card transfer VIDEO without the need for me to unplug and re-plug into a card reader….

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