Adobe CS5 Evolves: Digital Publishing from InDesign to Tablets Gets Better


Adobe InDesign CS 5.5 improves in the areas of Digital Publishing to devices. It addresses the number one request from our ePUB authors and that is the ability to embed video in your exported ePUBs and yes those videos play on the iPad (or any other ePUB 3.0 standards compatible device). We've also made some improvements on allowing you to layout your publications for print, but also dictate the order in which elements are exported to ePUB using the new Articles Panel. Another major improvement is the ability to either have InDesign generate your ePUB cover from the 1st page of your document or linking to a specific image that is optimized for a small size "bookshelf" on a device such as the iPad's iBooks App. Here's a video on how some of these features work:



What's new in Interactive Digital Publishing to Tablets?

The video below walks you through some of the enhancements to the Digital Publishing Suite in InDesign CS5.




There's more new stuff in CS 5.5

See Greg Rewis' post on what's new in Dreamweaver CS5.5 for HTML 5 and Mobile Authoring here.

See Jason Levine's post on what's new in Production Premium CS5.5 here.

See Paul Trani's post on what's new in Flash Professional and Mobile App development here.

Learn more about Creative Suite 5.5 including a New Subscription pricing option for those that don't want to or need to "buy" Creative Suite Products here.

Also see more CS 5.5 videos on Adobe TV. In case you missed it, Adobe TV can now be viewed on your iPad.


Why is Adobe releasing a new version of Creative Suite so soon?

As you know Creative Suite apps have typically reved every 18-24 months. The world is moving faster than that and many of our publishing customers need solutions for publishing to new devices and in new formats sooner. Now you will see Adobe introduce a major milestone release ever 24 months and a mid-cycle release every 12 months. Johnny L is here to tell us all about it:



Join us for a Live Q&A Today (4/11/2011) 

We will be hosting a live Q&A Today (4/11/2011) on Facebook at 12:00 noon EDT (GMT -4). Join me and the other Adobe Creative Suite Evangelists, Jason Levine, Greg Rewis, Paul Trani for an hour to answer your Creative Suite questions.

Here's the link for the live Q&A


Join us on the CS5 Evolves Tour

I'm  about to head off on the CS5 Evolution Tour with my Adobe Evangelist colleagues!

Details here.


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20 Replies to “Adobe CS5 Evolves: Digital Publishing from InDesign to Tablets Gets Better”

  1. I am planning to buy the next creative suite master collection. When is the next major update expected( based on 18-24 month cycle.

  2. Can you tell us what this means for Kindle Mobi file creation? I wonder if Amazon’s Kindle export plug-in is going to take advantage of these new features, or if it’d be better to use the more powerful HTML export and then go through Amazon’s HTML to Mobi conversion.

  3. “Why is Adobe releasing a new version of Creative Suite so soon?”


    They would release a new version everyday if they thought it would sell.

  4. Besides mobile devices, will these Digital Publishing files be available for desktop too in the App Store?

  5. I am obviously not using indesign to it’s full potential. Thank you so much for this info. I do have a question: Can an EPUB and an interactive publication such as the one in your second video be seen and interacted with on a regular computer?

    I just got an iPad for my b-day and finally understand what the whole hoopla is about. The possibilities are just so exciting! I should pay more attention to your twitter feed. I try to keep up with it all but there’s just so much! Thanks again for the info and for the time to answer my question.

    1. ePUBs can be viewed on a regular computer with the Adobe Digital Editions Viewer (a free download). It’s a little more challenging with the Digital Publishing Suite as the user would have to have a few more things installed.

  6. I work for a small creative agency. I played around with the pre-release tools and created an interactive ipad presentation concept for a client based on these tools. It is intended to function similarly to a normal digital magazine. It has stacks and interactivity. The difference is that we do not want to distribute the document to the public. We simply need to be able to bundle/export and put the .issue on a few ipads.

    I have now started to fully develop the presentation/issue. We have IndesignCS5.5 with all the tools, however I can not export my issue. Is this something that is only available if I sign up for a pro account for $5,000/yr + 500/mo.? Are there any options for a situation where someone doesn’t want their issue hosted or distributed? Thank you!

      1. Thank you. This tutorial was very helpful. When I sign into it says I do not have access. Is this because I do not have a Pro or Enterprise account? Or should I be able to access the Folio Producer for free?

        Thanks again!

        1. You can actually skip the step as long as you upload your articles in the order you want them in. Just do it all from InDesign and then sign in via the Free Content Viewer App on your iPad it will be there for you to download.

  7. Hihi Terry, nice to find your blog here:) Could you please kindly tell me whether we can still sideload .folio file to ipad by itunes for free after August 3rd 2011 ( that’s the end of Digital Publishing Suite Prerelease Program-Please) ?

    Secondly, I wanna know whether we could ONLY use Adobe viewer as the default viewer instead of building a new single-content viewer for the folio file if we only have inDesign 5.5 at hand without paying for the DPS?

    Thank you very much:)

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