Learn the Adobe Creative Suite with Terry White on your iPad

Oh happy day! I'm pleased to announce that my "Learn The Adobe Creative Suite with Terry White" App has just been updated to be a Universal iOS App, which means that you now get to see the videos in all the iPad 10" glory without having to screen double them. The App is now available on the App Store and is of course a FREE update to anyone who already had it.

If you're new to the App, the advantage here my regular podcast is that many of the episodes have Exclusive Bonus Clips. These clips can only be seen in the App and aren't published anywhere else. Often the Bonus Content includes additional tips and techniques or expands in an area where the regular episode left off. On the iPad these Bonus Clips are highlighted right below the regular episode so you'll more easily be able to identify the episodes that have Bonus Content.

There are literally hundreds of videos available on the various Creative Suite Apps all the way back to CS2. Thankfully the App has a built-in Search feature as well as the ability to Star your favorite episodes and download the ones you want to be able to watch offline.

I want to personally thank you for your support in my podcast as well as my App!

See more of my Adobe Creative Suite Videos on my Adobe Creative Suite Podcast and get the App here for $1.99:

Learn Adobe Creative Suite with Terry White - Wizzard Media


6 Replies to “Learn the Adobe Creative Suite with Terry White on your iPad”

    1. Hi, I’m guessing that since the original app was built before the Flash export feature that this update was done in objective C by the developer. Thanks

  1. Great News! I also enjoyed your classes at PSW Orlando this year. I am looking forward to adding this to my ipad.

  2. Thanks for the update Terry – downloading now. I really enjoy your webcasts and info. I purchased a Pro X2 card on your recommendation (because they’ll be updating the firmware for direct iOS mode. I can’t wait to put that to use. I told them I heard about it HERE!
    Thanks again – heading to the app store to grab your app now.

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