My Learn the Creative Suite App has been updated to 1.2.1


I've been getting great feedback on my app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Of course I've been getting feature requests too and I have been feeding those requests to the developer. 

So 1.2.1 now offers:

A Star Tab

You can now mark your favorite episodes (this is directly from your feedback), or just mark episodes you want to come back to later, with a star. The starred episodes are accessible from new third tab in the app.


Offline (off Wi-Fi) mode

There is now the option to download starred episodes and play them when you are offline or on slow mobile networks. Getting on a plane? download a few episodes to enjoy right from your favorite show's app.


Bug Fixes:

App-wide usability updates and graphical tweaks.


Thanks for you support!

The "Learn the Creative Suite with Terry White" app is available for both the iPhone and the iPod touch. You can get it from the App Store for $1.99 here:

Learn Adobe Creative Suite with Terry White

Of course if you already have the App 1.2.1 is a free update.

Wanna learn the Adobe Creative Suite? There’s an App for that!

CS app on the App Store

My New iPhone App is Now Available!


As you may already know I have one of the Top Ranked Video Podcasts on iTunes! Each week I provide tips and tutorials on how to use the Adobe Creative Suite via the Adobe Creative Suite Video Podcast.

Top How To Video Podcasts

Well now there's an app for that! I'm very pleased to announce the immediate availability of my NEW iPhone App. The "Learn Adobe Creative with Terry White" (CS) not only gives you access to my near 300 Video Tutorials, but here's the catch – you will have access to videos that won't be posted anywhere else! That's right – BONUS CONTENT!


How does your app work?


Once you install the CS App you can go and watch any video you want as often as you want. The videos will be streamed to your iPhone or iPod touch. So you don't have to wait for them to download first before you start watching. Rewind, pause or skip ahead.

CSappEpisodes      .CSappPlay




How is this App better than just downloading your Podcast?

I knew you were gonna ask that. 🙂 The biggest difference is the EXCLUSIVE Bonus Content. Starting with my Lightroom 3 Beta Episode you'll be able to tap the "Extras" button and see an additional tutorial that can't be seen anywhere else. These Episode Extras will be in the form of video or PDFs with additional tips, techniques, steps, etc., and only available to the users of this app! Also the app just makes it easier to get straight to my show and all of my episodes without the multiple taps it would take in the iTunes or iPod app.


That's right, you get to see more tips and more techniques from videos recorded specifically for the users of this app. This week I posted a video on Retouching in Photoshop CS4. In addition to that episode, there is a bonus clip that covers additional techniques.


What if I want to watch your tutorials offline?


There's a button for that. You can tap the "Download in iTunes" button and the app will take you right to my page on the iTunes store to download the episode of your choice right to your iPhone/iPod touch. Then you can watch it offline.


Will there be new content?

Absolutely! This is not a static app. It's the app that keeps on giving. On average I record at least one tutorial a week. So you'll have something new to watch all the time. My goal is to also provide Bonus content with each new episode from here on out as well.


How do I get it?

The "Learn the Creative Suite with Terry White" app is available for both the iPhone and the iPod touch. You can get it from the App Store for $1.99 here:

Learn Adobe Creative Suite with Terry White

I hope you like it and if you do get it, Thank YOU!

P.S. Also do me a favor and if you like it don't forget to go back and rate it on the App Store. It helps!

Hey, I’m in MacUser Magazine!


The editors over at MacUser Magazine in the UK must have really liked what I had to say about the potential of an Apple Tablet Device. They asked me if it was OK to publish a quote. I agreed. I was quite surprised though when my copy arrived that I had more than just a few lines and it included a picture of me (by Joe McNally). MacUser UK is a widely respected publication in the Macintosh community. So it was quite an honor for me to be quoted. Although it's only published in the UK now, there used to be a US version and I do miss it. You can see the entire article here. You can also visit their website here.

Adobe Photoshop World – Vegas Keynote Video


As promised I have posted the Adobe Keynote Video from Photoshop World Las Vegas. The keynote features lots of new technology introductions from both NAPP and Adobe. It’s well worth a watch. The keynote opens with some great football themed content from Scott Kelby and the Photoshop Guys and then they hand it over to Adobe’s SVP Johnny L who not only covers the progress that we’ve made with Photoshop CS4, but all the things that have come out since CS4 was introduced and a glimpse at some technologies in the works. Russell Preston Brown aka "Dr. Brown" helps out with the demos and shows how to use some of the cool features of Photoshop CS4 and Bridge CS4.



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My New iPhone Book 3rd Edition is Now In Stock at Amazon!


I’m very pleased to see that my New iPhone Book 3rd Edition is Now Available at I think this is the best edition yet (I’m a little biased that way). We (my amazing co-author and dear friend Scott Kelby, number one selling computer book author in the world!) went through the book page by page and not only rewrote the pages that needed rewriting, but we also simplified a lot of the language even further. We also added tons of new tips that cover the iPhone 3GS, iPod touch and of course the iPhone 3.0 OS update. So whether you’re a brand new iPhone user or someone that just wants to learn more about your iPhone this book has something for you.

As an added bonus there are links to videos that Scott and I recorded covering our favorite apps, tips and accessories.

Order your copy today!

Get your message out for less than you think!


One of the questions I get ask a lot has to do with my video podcasts. I have two popular shows. My Adobe Creative Suite Podcast has been ranked in the Top 10 Software How-To Podcasts on iTunes off and on now for the past 3 years. I’m approaching my 300th episode! Each month the show gets tens of thousands of downloads.  The show has received millions of downloads to date.


I also launched another show at the beginning of the year for my Macintosh Users Group, MacGroup-Detroit called "MacGroup TV". While this show won’t get anywhere near as many downloads, because of it’s smaller targeted audience (our local group), the episodes average 60-90 minutes each! That’s a long time for a show. Each episode of this show can range anywhere from 700-900MB on average. So here comes the big question?

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My tech blog just got a make over

I had been using the same WordPress template since I switch my blog over from iWeb to WordPress. I was starting to feel that it needed to be updated and perhaps have a more custom feel to it. There were also features that I wanted that I’ve seen on other blogs, but anyone that knows me knows that while I dabble in web stuff, I’m NOT A WEB GUY! Sure I can do basic stuff, I can look at HTML and kinda know what’s going on, but building websites and web templates is really not me. So being smart enough to recognize my limits, I turned to a professional. I turned to legendary designer Erik Bernskiold of XLDStudios and I said, “make me look good.” Not me personally, but my site.


Erik went right to works and his first question to me was “well what other blogs do you like and what features do you want?” One of my favorite blogs not only from a content standpoint, but also a design standpoint is my buddy Scott Kelby’s blog. His response was, “I had a feeling you would say that!” Now of course I didn’t want to rip off Scott’s site completely 🙂 (Scott, put the phone down. No need to call the lawyers) So I told Erik to use the things I liked about Scott’s site and come up with a design that would be “ME”. I was VERY EXCITED with what he came back with! There’s just no way I would have been able to do this myself.

Erik was easy to work with and we did everything via email. I highly recommend him! As a matter of fact he’s offering a discount to any reader of this blog of 15% off any of his services (web design, hosting and media production). Just enter the code “twhite when checking out or asking for a quote.

You can get to Erik’s site here.

Thanks Erik!

Get a 1 minute promo video for your website


My buddy Bruce Mandel just launched his new service “MixnPixels“, which is aimed at businesses that want to create promo videos for their website. MixnPixels is a Michigan based company and will come out to your location, shoot, edit and produce the video for you to use on your company’s website. I’ve known Bruce for years and his video skills and attention to detail are top notch!

Be sure to check out the “Animated Photos” demo. Pretty cool!

Check out his new company here.