Celebrating my 300th Episode!


Today marks the 300th episode of my Adobe Creative Suite Video Podcast! I'm thrilled that the show has been such a success. When I first launched the Creative Suite Podcast back on February 13th, 2006 I had no idea that it would be the success that it has been. 

The show has consistently ranked in the Top 10 of Software How-To Video Podcasts on iTunes

Back in 2006 it was Awarded a People's Choice Award on iTunes


This year I launched a NEW iPhone/iPod touch App to compliment the show and the feedback had been great!

CS iPhone App


See the 300th Episode here:




So let me say thank you for your continued support and for helping me celebrate this milestone. If you haven't checked out the show yet, it's free. Head over to the site and start watching today.

12 Replies to “Celebrating my 300th Episode!”

  1. Let me be the first to say, “CONGRATS!!!” That is quite the milestone and one that speaks to the quality of the material you keep delivering to your viewers. Looking forward to the next 300!!
    Happy Holidays, Terry!
    ~Trev J.

  2. Congratulations Terry, you’re an ace communicator. Now where did you find that font ?!!

  3. Congrats Terry. Thanks for all the useful tips and insights. I really appreciate the down to Earth approach you have to teaching. You’ve gotten me out of many binds over the years and have prevented many more. Here’s to continued success.

  4. Congratulations, Terry. You have a knack for teaching, and I really appreciate everything you share with us. Your knowledge is vast and you impart it with joy. What more could a student ask from a teacher?! Happy holidays!

  5. Terry, congratulations. We are grateful you provide such an informative blog for us techies. I seriously look forward to your new posts and appreciate the way you communicate it back to us.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays!


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