30 Days of Creative Cloud Tutorials – Recap Days 1-8


My 30 Days of Creative Cloud Tutorials is off to a great start! If you haven’t been following along, here are the videos you’ve missed:

Day 8 – How to Mask a Moving Object in Your Video with Premiere Pro CC

Day 7 – How to Change the Background in Photoshop CC


Day 6 – How to do an Image Map in Adobe Muse CC


Day 5 – How To Draw in Adobe Illustrator CC with the NEW Pencil Tool


Day 4 – How To Share Files and Folders in Adobe Creative Cloud


Day 3 – How To Place a Photo inside Text in Adobe InDesign CC


Day 2 – How To Rank, Rate and Mark your Photos in Lightroom


Day 1 – How to Do Masking in Adobe Photoshop


When it comes to tutorial videos, which to you prefer?…

Yesterday on my Facebook fan page I posed the question about my tutorial videos: “When a new feature update comes out to an Adobe application such as Photoshop CC, which do you prefer from me: 1. A single video that covers the new features (could be long 20-40 minutes) OR 2. multiple smaller videos that cover each feature individually (example, “New Camera Shake Reduction in PS CC”, “New Live Corners in Illustrator CC”, etc.)?” and I got a ton of great responses. This prompted me to want to ask my broader readership here. As you might expect, the feedback I got on Facebook was mostly do “shorter” feature specific videos. Some said, they wanted BOTH, the longer overview video and the shorter videos. There were a good number of folks that said they actually prefer the longer videos. However, if I went by just the feedback I got on Facebook it would be just do the shorter videos.

Here’s the irony of it. While everyone says they want shorter videos, when I look at my actual YouTube stats that show my Top 10 Most Viewed Videos over the last 30 days, they are all the longer ones. None of my shorter videos ever make the top 10 list:

Video Views Minutes Watched
85,391 (20%)
794,692 (23%)
41,463 (9.7%)
455,321 (13%)
22,234 (5.2%)
221,416 (6.5%)
19,031 (4.5%)
247,635 (7.3%)
18,205 (4.3%)
158,675 (4.7%)
14,244 (3.3%)
135,710 (4.0%)
13,762 (3.2%)
146,995 (4.3%)
9,941 (2.3%)
102,132 (3.0%)
9,906 (2.3%)
58,687 (1.7%)
8,998 (2.1%)
75,116 (2.2%)

I know when someone sends me a video link, if it’s only  a minute or two I’m liable to watch it right then and there. If it’s several minutes long then I’ll probably say “I don’t have time for this now, I’ll watch it later and later may never happen. However, I’d still like to hear from you. Which do you prefer? (yes both is great and I could do the longer one and chop it up to make the shorter ones, but is that worth it?)

Over 15 Million Views…


When I started my YouTube channel back in May 2009, I looked at it as just a way to get the videos from my podcast out to a broader audience. I figured since I was already recording the videos that the few extra minutes to post them in another place wouldn’t hurt. I had no idea that YouTube would become my largest number of followers with over 100,000 strong and now surpassing over 15 million views of my videos. Wow! Thanks everyone for subscribing, viewing and supporting my work. There isn’t a public appearance that I make now anywhere in the world where someone doesn’t come up to me and tell me how much they enjoy my videos. Your kind words inspire me and keep me motivated to make more…


One Hundred Thousand Thank Yous!


I just looked at my YouTube Channel and I was thrilled to see that I passed the 100,000 subscriber mark! I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for not only watching my content, but subscribing to my channel. At every event I do and public appearance I make there are always people coming up to me and thanking me for the videos that I do. Without your constant support I probably wouldn’t be as motivated to put out so much content. So again thank you! I’m on tour right now so I’ve been away from my recording studio, but as soon as I get back this weekend I promise to record a new tutorial or two. Cheers!


Thanks goes out to my now over 75,000 Subscribers on YouTube!


I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for subscribing to my YouTube Channel. I just blew past the 75,000 mark and I’m thrilled that so many of you like my content. Having over 75,000 subscribers and over 13 Million Views is no small accomplishment and again thanks.

Hey if you’re in the subscribing/following kinda mood, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter (approaching 25,000 followers) and Like my Facebook Page (over 15,000 likes). Also add me to your Google+ Circles (over 25,000 have me in their circles) and follow me on Behance.

In other news


My Learn the Adobe Creative Suite with Terry White App has now been rebranded to “Learn the Adobe Creative Cloud with Terry White” as well as some bug fixes. Be sure to download the update. (note – I did have one person tell me that he’s having issues with it on iPad 1. So if you have an iPad 1 you might want to hold off till I confirm).

Grab the app here:

Learn Adobe Creative Cloud with Terry White - Wizzard Media

Over 25 Million Downloads and Thousands of Subscribers


I think it was this past Friday that I noticed my YouTube channel surpassed the 40 thousand subscriber mark and over 11 million views. Woohoo!


However, that’s when I decided to take a look at my Adobe Creative Suite Video Podcast stats and I was both thrilled and blown away to see that it has surpassed the 25 million download mark! I’m happy to know that so many of you find my content of value and continue to watch/download my videos. Thanks for your continued support!


Still in the top 10 of the Software How-To podcasts on iTunes.

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I use Screenflow


I get this question at least 2-3 times a week: “Hey Terry, I really like your video/tutorials what software do you use to record them?” The answer is Screenflow by Telestream. I’ve been using this software to record my Adobe Creative Cloud TV Podcast for a couple of years now and from time to time I even use it to record product demos. After the intro, which was created with Adobe After Effects the first thing that usually catches people’s eye is the image of me in the corner while the computer display is large and angled off to the side. This is a native feature of Screenflow and was one of the reasons I settled on it a couple of years ago. Over the years Telestream has continued to bolster the feature set making it pretty much a total solution for not only recording, but editing and distributing screen recordings. While Adobe Premiere Pro CC is my video editor of choice, I find that I can do the simple edits I need to do for my episodes right in Screenflow.

You can get Screenflow here.

I record my screen in 720p HD (Update: I’m now doing 1080p) and the resulting export from Screenflow looks really good. From there I use the Adobe Media Encoder to go out to the other formats and sizes I need. However, I typically upload the Screenflow exported movie right to YouTube for my YouTube Channel so that my viewers there can enjoy the content in HD.

Screenflow 4 adds even more…

The image of me in the corner shot on green screen with the Muse artwork applied to the background in post.

The latest version of Screenflow even adds 64bit support as well as Chromakey effects so that I can shoot myself on green screen and then superimpose whatever imagery I want behind me. I’m stilling working out the lighting aspects of this in my office that I record from, but the results have been good all things considered. They also including nested clips, closed captioning and several other editing features to make it even easier to edit your final product right in Screenflow.

How do you show your iPad or iPhone or both on your computer screen?

I use a great software product called Reflector. It uses AirPlay and as long as the devices are on the same WiFi network they will show up to Reflector running on your Mac or PC.

Also in Mac OS X 10.10 Mavericks you can show your iPad or iPhone on your Mac screen natively. Here’s how:

What equipment do I use?

Update: Note that Screenflow now allows you to connect your iPad or iPhone directly to your USB port using your Lightning sync/charge cable and it will record directly from the device as a separate video track.

Since I’m typically doing these recordings alone I need everything to just work! I’m using a Logitech C920 HD webcam on a tripod to record the image of me and

Rode Podcaster in my studio

Originally I was using a Rode Podcaster mic. Recently I switched to an Apogee Mic 96 as my main mic. As far as lighting goes I use a Westcott Spiderlight TD6 continuous light to light me. I also have their uLite green screen kit.

Currently Screenflow is a Mac only product. If you’re looking for a solution on the Windows side (or another choice for Mac), then I’d also suggest you take a look at the new Adobe Captivate.

How To Create A Facebook Cover Photo Using Photoshop CS6

In this episode of the Adobe Creative Suite Podcast Terry White shows How to Create A Facebook Cover Photo Using Photoshop CS6. Using the New Crop Tool and a couple of tips and tricks.

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Learn Adobe Creative Suite with Terry White - Wizzard Media

Hey Logitech! Can I get a tripod mount?

I'm really impressed by the video quality of Logitech's 1080p HD Web Cams. As a matter of fact I've started using them for my Adobe Creative Suite Podcast when I'm recording an episode in studio. The only problem that I have with them is that Logitech (along with all the other webcam makers) seem to think that the only place anyone would ever want to mount a webcam is on top of their monitors. The reality is I already have an HD webcam on my MacBook's. It's called an FaceTime HD Camera. If I'm doing a video chat it's great having it built-in. However, If I want the camera further back to capture more of the set that's when an external video camera works best. 


Drill a hole

There is no physical reason why the Logitech HD C910 pictured above couldn't have a standard tripod mount built-in. As you can see the mount is just dead weight with no electronics in it. There's even room for a standard mount without changing the design. I've even seen some do-it-your-selfers out there posting all the steps necessary to do it yourself. While I know it wouldn't take much for me to do it, there's not reason for Logitech not to build it in.


My Solution

Instead of drilling a hole. I just went with something I already had in studio. A Justin Clamp mounted on a light stand. These are great for mounting speed lights and holding reflectors on standard light stands. They also work great for holding the Logitech Web Cams. The only problem is that they cost almost as much as the webcams themselves. If you're buying one for just the purpose of holding a webcam or reflector, then there is a much lower cost alternative. The Manfrotto Spring Clamp is less than half the cost of the standard Manfrotto Spring Clamp with Flash Shoe and it gets the job done just as good. You can get one here for about $17 or less.


Logitech Could Even Take It Up A Notch Further

Besides adding a tripod mount hole they could really kick things up by adding or selling a separate stand to allow the camera to be pointed down at say, oh I don't know,  a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. More and more presenters are having to present from their mobile devices and the current solutions are expensive and bulky or low quality video. I love having video out on my iPad 2, but the problem with that is that people can't really see the gestures that you're doing. They just see things happing on the screen.  If a Logitech HD webcam could be mounted on a lightweight stand that's easy to travel with (See my Point 2 View review), then it would make them even more attractive.


What say you Logitech?

You build great webcams. Please look outside the box and look at more uses than just sitting it on top of a monitor!


UPDATE: Twitter follower @EricKintz alerted me to this Logitech Model (C615), which does in fact have a tripod mount on it. Woot!

How to Remove a Background from an Image in Photoshop CS 5


One of the number one "how to" questions about Photoshop is "how to remove a background from an image or how to extract an image from the background." I've recorded videos on this in the past and people always comment/ask what about when the background is not a solid color like grey or white? In this video the background is multiple colors and I walk you though how to do it from start to finish.

See more of my Adobe Creative Suite Videos on my Adobe Creative Suite Podcast and get the App here. It features EXCLUSIVE CONTENT that no one else gets to see. This episode has a BONUS CLIP that is available only in the App:

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