How to Remove a Background from an Image in Photoshop CS 5


One of the number one "how to" questions about Photoshop is "how to remove a background from an image or how to extract an image from the background." I've recorded videos on this in the past and people always comment/ask what about when the background is not a solid color like grey or white? In this video the background is multiple colors and I walk you though how to do it from start to finish.

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10 Replies to “How to Remove a Background from an Image in Photoshop CS 5”

  1. Terry. You da man! I’ve always shied away from using any photoshop because I’ve just been overwhelmed. Your techniques, depth of knowledge and teaching ability are helping me leap in with two feet and taking my images to new heights. THANKS!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial Terry! Fantastic info. I don’t mean this in a snarky way at all: I couldn’t help but notice that after your selection was complete, a large chunk of your model’s right arm was missing. Is that truly what you’d present as a final product?

  3. This is a great tutorial. Not only covering something I needed to know, but nice presentation in that you took it slow and actually *explained* what you were doing. Love ya, man.

  4. Terry,
    This is working great for me. I have used it a number of times lately on images that I have been doing and it makes things so much easier. Thanks for the tip.

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