Last Call for Entries to the Terry White Drobo Contest

Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up that today Friday, September 16th 2011 is the last day that you can enter the Terry White Drobo Contest.  See my original post here. Enter the contest here. Also remember that the more entries I receive the greater the chance will be that we'll give away a second Drobo! You have til 2PM ET (GMT-4) to enter. Hurry!

9 Replies to “Last Call for Entries to the Terry White Drobo Contest”

  1. I started following Terry’s blog and pages after attending one of his presentations. I always needed that kind of storage but with my little knowledge at that time I wasn’t aware of Drobo. It was through Terry’s blog when I was first introduced to Drobo. I read his reviews that opened my eyes to its benefits. From there, I read more and searched more the internet about it. I used to depend on a few external hard drives for storing my data. If I have a Drobo, this will improve and change the way I use my personal computer. It’s a higher more advanced way of storing, securing, and accessing your data but it needs a bit more money. Still affordable I admit. I’m gonna buy a Drobo at the end, I know that, but if I win this Drobo, it will be much sooner that this happens. It’s a shame that in some countries (mine for example is Jordan) Drobo is not that spread and people are not that aware of its benefits, and I don’t recall seeing any Drobo in any of the major computer stores here.
    Good luck everyone.

  2. Terry, I have been a follower of yours since my first PhotoshopWorld about 5 years ago. After watching your MacGroupTV podcasts I am reassured that if you recommend something, it’s going to be worth it.

    As my photo library continues to build, I can see the advantages of using the Drobo are going to be huge. What a wonderful way for you to spread the message about your faith in Drobo.
    Here’s hoping and best of luck to all.

  3. Running out of room and what a great opportunity to have proper storage. Drobo is the best brand on market so I know why you use. Living in a rural area limits ability to purchase quality items. Winning would be a big boost to my photo storage problems. Thanks for opportunity.

  4. Terry you are the man. Storage is a necessity and I do not have anything adequate. Hope number generator finds my number. Always enjoy your live and on line presentations. When is your next book?

  5. Winning is not everything, in this case that does not apply. You recommend Drobo and I know a worthy product.

  6. Sure hope I have the opportunity to win this; it would be perfect for the files that I keep for my clients as my passion for using Adobe products, especially InDesign and Photoshop, continues to grow. Thanks, Terry, for sharing your talent through so many online channels, making it possible, and easy, to learn! Your work is inspiring.

  7. The Drobo is certainly the way to go for backup of critical files like irreplaceable photos. As photographers build larger and larger photo collections it is very important to have reliable backups that one can have confidence in safely restoring if the Unthinkable disaster happens. Someone is going to be very fortunate to win this. Thanks for providing us the opportunity!

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