Wanna learn the Adobe Creative Suite? There’s an App for that!

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My New iPhone App is Now Available!


As you may already know I have one of the Top Ranked Video Podcasts on iTunes! Each week I provide tips and tutorials on how to use the Adobe Creative Suite via the Adobe Creative Suite Video Podcast.

Top How To Video Podcasts

Well now there's an app for that! I'm very pleased to announce the immediate availability of my NEW iPhone App. The "Learn Adobe Creative with Terry White" (CS) not only gives you access to my near 300 Video Tutorials, but here's the catch – you will have access to videos that won't be posted anywhere else! That's right – BONUS CONTENT!


How does your app work?


Once you install the CS App you can go and watch any video you want as often as you want. The videos will be streamed to your iPhone or iPod touch. So you don't have to wait for them to download first before you start watching. Rewind, pause or skip ahead.

CSappEpisodes      .CSappPlay




How is this App better than just downloading your Podcast?

I knew you were gonna ask that. 🙂 The biggest difference is the EXCLUSIVE Bonus Content. Starting with my Lightroom 3 Beta Episode you'll be able to tap the "Extras" button and see an additional tutorial that can't be seen anywhere else. These Episode Extras will be in the form of video or PDFs with additional tips, techniques, steps, etc., and only available to the users of this app! Also the app just makes it easier to get straight to my show and all of my episodes without the multiple taps it would take in the iTunes or iPod app.


That's right, you get to see more tips and more techniques from videos recorded specifically for the users of this app. This week I posted a video on Retouching in Photoshop CS4. In addition to that episode, there is a bonus clip that covers additional techniques.


What if I want to watch your tutorials offline?


There's a button for that. You can tap the "Download in iTunes" button and the app will take you right to my page on the iTunes store to download the episode of your choice right to your iPhone/iPod touch. Then you can watch it offline.


Will there be new content?

Absolutely! This is not a static app. It's the app that keeps on giving. On average I record at least one tutorial a week. So you'll have something new to watch all the time. My goal is to also provide Bonus content with each new episode from here on out as well.


How do I get it?

The "Learn the Creative Suite with Terry White" app is available for both the iPhone and the iPod touch. You can get it from the App Store for $1.99 here:

Learn Adobe Creative Suite with Terry White

I hope you like it and if you do get it, Thank YOU!

P.S. Also do me a favor and if you like it don't forget to go back and rate it on the App Store. It helps!

43 Replies to “Wanna learn the Adobe Creative Suite? There’s an App for that!”

  1. Congrats, also! I’m fairly new to your website and I always look forward to your posts, you are very insightful. I just downloaded your App and I’m very excited about learning CS4. I’m new to photography and Photoshop, so I’m sure your App will give me a solid foundation to work with…and for only $1.99! Thanks!

  2. “I’ve already given you one difference. You can stream the content as opposed to downloading it.”

    Um, all iPhones and iPod touchs can stream Video Podcasts straight off the iTunes Store, without downloading first. If you open the iTunes app on your iPhone and search for “Adobe Creative Suite”, all of your podcast episodes are listed there and ready for immediate streaming.

  3. As an Adobe Certified Instructor, I’m always looking for new ways to learn the latest tips and tricks and Terry’s iPhone App is a great source for doing just that. I’ve been a huge fan of Terry’s Tech Blog for a long time and really love this App. The one suggestion (I can think of at this time) would be the ability to sort Episodes by Application.

    Great job Terry!

    P.S. I also posted a (very positive) review on iTunes after downloading and using this App.

  4. …well the way I figure it… I’ve been absorbing and enjoying your daily blog and Creative Suite content on itunes for quite a while now… so i guess – good or bad (and i’m guessing good) I owe you the $1.99

  5. Cool Terry. Thanks for making it easier to view your excellent content. Yours is the first blog I check each day. I really enjoy your writing style.

  6. Hey Terry!

    I dont have an iPhone but the app seems cool! Youre always up to GREATNESS!

  7. That’s wonderful! Only question I have is does your video have option for closed caption or can be open caption? Myself being deaf, would not be able to follow through if it is not captioned?

  8. It’s pretty hard to be the first to do anything – but I have done it – I was the first to review your new App on the iTunes store – and I must say it was a pretty upbeat review!

  9. Thanks for the App, I downloaded it yesterday.
    There are a lot of videos there — unfortunately, many of which I will not view (I only use Lightroom and Photoshop CS4.
    Perhaps future updates will include the ability to sort by product or mark a video as a favorite.
    That would really help me use the App.
    In the meantime, I guess the work around is to download my favorites.
    Thanks again for the App.

  10. Every one of the designers in our office are BIG fans of your reviews and training. We’ve been following you ever since we first saw you at a free design seminar in Cincinnati, OH when you threw down the hammer on Quark! Keep up the great work Terry!

  11. Sweet! Just downloaded and viewed! What a great app! And for only $1.99. I can never get enough of CS! Thanks Terry!

  12. Just bought it for a long flight I have coming up. Looks great, but I can’t find any episode that has a ‘Download in iTunes’ button so I can watch them offline. Under Extras, only the ‘View Website’ and ‘Tell a Friend’ buttons are showing (only episode I could find w/ something different was “Scott Kelby Introduces….” which has a ‘Background Play’ button). Am I missing something?


  13. Matt,
    1. Launch the app.
    2. Tap Episodes button (upper left to go back to the list)
    3. Tap the Extras button
    4. Tap the Download in iTunes button
    5. Download any episodes that you want to take with you.

  14. Thanks for a great app! I have purchased and started using it already. Looking forward to new content. I love your tutorials! Now convince your buddy Scott Kelby to make his training videos available on the iPOD and I will be all set! ;>)


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