My tech blog just got a make over

I had been using the same WordPress template since I switch my blog over from iWeb to WordPress. I was starting to feel that it needed to be updated and perhaps have a more custom feel to it. There were also features that I wanted that I’ve seen on other blogs, but anyone that knows me knows that while I dabble in web stuff, I’m NOT A WEB GUY! Sure I can do basic stuff, I can look at HTML and kinda know what’s going on, but building websites and web templates is really not me. So being smart enough to recognize my limits, I turned to a professional. I turned to legendary designer Erik Bernskiold of XLDStudios and I said, “make me look good.” Not me personally, but my site.


Erik went right to works and his first question to me was “well what other blogs do you like and what features do you want?” One of my favorite blogs not only from a content standpoint, but also a design standpoint is my buddy Scott Kelby’s blog. His response was, “I had a feeling you would say that!” Now of course I didn’t want to rip off Scott’s site completely 🙂 (Scott, put the phone down. No need to call the lawyers) So I told Erik to use the things I liked about Scott’s site and come up with a design that would be “ME”. I was VERY EXCITED with what he came back with! There’s just no way I would have been able to do this myself.

Erik was easy to work with and we did everything via email. I highly recommend him! As a matter of fact he’s offering a discount to any reader of this blog of 15% off any of his services (web design, hosting and media production). Just enter the code “twhite when checking out or asking for a quote.

You can get to Erik’s site here.

Thanks Erik!

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  1. Thank you for the kind, kind words Terry!

    We are still ironing out a couple of bugs on the site (the image on the top right for example) and should be fixed soon.

  2. The site looks great, I liked the old but this has a nice look and feel. Thank you all the great information you provide.

  3. Hi Terry and congrats to the new nice layout!
    In my opinion your, Scott’s and Joe’s blogs look a lot like the same. Is it the same designer?

    1. Glad you like the new design. I haven’t however done Scott’s or Joe’s designs, that’s another designer/other designers.

  4. Hey Terry, It’s always great getting something new! The site looks good but it does feel a little “constrained” compared to your old site. I do like it though! Oh and thanks for all the great info!

  5. terry,

    very nice update! A good idea to offer a bunch of reviews together.

    I tried the ATT one- we have ATT wireless (not iphone), have an online account already set up, but this app will not work with the itouch. One would think they are using the phone access of the iphone to do this, rather than the internet! Why they think only iphone ATT users would like to do this is a mystery- not impressed with their ability to serve customers.

  6. The redesign looks great! I’m glad you updated it, I think it’s nicely done. One thing I notice though is the RSS, Facebook and Twitter icons at top right look a little rough around the edges, looks actually like they were going to be on a dark background.

    Hat tip to Erik on a nice design.

  7. Very nice look and feel! No surprise that Erik Bernskiold was behind it… he is one very talented guy. (nice work, Erik!)

  8. Nice redesign guys, I like things clean and tight! Terry, is there an old post about the photo above, (woman with dark hair, pulled back)? How did you get your background? Thanks for all your hard work!

  9. Nice look! I’m curious, though, why you kept the calendar up at the top… I’ve never seen the utility in that particular widget. (That is, I’m never saying to myself, “Now, what did Terry White write on October 23rd?”)

    1. Graham,
      Thanks! Simple, I just like seeing a calendar at first glance. No other reason.
      Kinda reminds me of where we are in the month.

  10. When I clicked on the link and it loaded, at first I thought I had navigated to another site. Very clean design! Thumbs up!

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