My New Car Charger Because 2 Ports Weren’t Enough

Anker 4 Port USB Car Charger

I had been using a standard 2 Port USB Charger in my car so that I could keep my iPhone charged and the have a cable there for use by the passenger in the front seat. That worked great until this past weekend…

My New Car Charger Now Has 4 Ports

This weekend I took a road trip and had 3 passengers besides myself. This meant that for the next few hours we would play “pass the cable”. It wasn’t bad, but I knew that I didn’t want to have to do this again. This problem is too easy to solve. The good folks over at Anker make a nice 4 Port USB Car Charger. This is not my first 4 port car charger. I had one a couple of years ago but I stopped using it for a couple of reason. The main reason was that it lacked the power necessary to charge an iPad. The 2nd reason was that it was just too big. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Anker version was much much smaller and fit nicely in my rear seat 12V port. The other good news is that the Anker version is a 9.6A/48W charger. This means that each port gets a full 2.4A. This means that you could charger up to four tablets or smartphones at full speed. It works great. I keep it plugged in in the rear seat and just run two USB cables up to the front see as it looks a lot neater than using the 12V plug in the dash.

You can get the Anker 4 Port 9.6A/48W Car Charger here.

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