4 Ways To Keep Your Mobile Devices Charged on the Go

If you are out and about these days then chances are you in need of charging your smartphone, tablet and other mobile devices. I travel for a living so I figured I would share the four ways that I keep everything charged when I’m on the go:

The external battery that’s in my pocket


The 2nd Gen Anker Astro 6400 mAh is a great external battery to keep on your person. I love it because it has a smooth surface with no buttons to accidentally get pressed while it’s on my pocket. It change charge my iPhone 6 Plus up to 1.5 times.

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The mother of all batteries that’s in my laptop bag


The Anker Astro E7 25600 mAh battery can charge your smartphone up to 6 times. It can charge an iPad air twice and best of all this 4 amp battery can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously.

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The charger I use in the hotel and on stage


When I get to my destination it’s just not feasible to rely on the hotel, conference room, etc. to have multiple outlets so that you can plug in multiple chargers. That’s why I love the Anker 60w 6 Port USB charger. As the name implies this baby can charge up to 6 devices at the same time. When I get to my hotel room I can charge my iPhone, my iPad, my Apple Watch, my Bose headphones, my Beats headset and still have one port left for something else.

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For those times when there’s no electricity


The Anker 14 watt Solar Charger can charge up to two devices in direct sunlight. This is great for the outdoors types as well as shooting or working on location.

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The Bottom Line

I standardized on Anker not only because they make great products at reasonable prices, but also because they get me! They make a variety of products that suit my needs for one brand/stop shopping. I hope this helps you keep your mobile devices charged while on the go.

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  1. Great timing with this post Terry as I’d been thinking for a while about buying a portable battery, and I was in fact leaning towards Anker. I ended up purchasing the PowerCore 20,000 and the more portable Astro 6400 you recommend above. Do you know if the Anker batteries can be charged themselves using the USB port in my car?

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