Before you upgrade your iPhone or iPad to iOS 11…

Apple will release the highly anticipated iOS 11 update tomorrow Tuesday, September 19th 2017. However, unlike previous iOS updates this one is likely to leave some of your apps behind.

P.S.A.: Before I go any further, don’t even think of installing iOS 11 without having backed up your iOS device first! Now on to the topic at hand:

With every operating system update since the beginning of time there have always been incompatibilities with 3rd party applications. In most cases the applications have small glitches and sometimes the more severe incompatibilities cause the applications to crash upon launching. However, this time you may have some applications that will never work again!

Apple is dropping support for 32bit applications in iOS 11

Moving forward iOS will only work with 64bit enabled applications. iOS has grown and a 64bit architecture is a good thing. As iPhones and iPads continue to add more RAM these newer applications will be able to take advantage of the newer hardware.

How to tell which of your Apps won’t work anymore?

Currently in iOS 10.x Apple has been warning you all along about apps that may not work in iOS 11. When You launch one of these older apps you sometimes get a message that states:

“This app will not work with iOS 11. The developer of this app will need to update it for compatibility.” Other than those occasional warnings you can actually get a list of which ones iOS 11 will leave behind. Launch your Settings App and tap General->About->Applications to see your App Compatibility List

Every app on this list will need to be updated to even launch in iOS 11. The problem is that many of these apps are probably old and will not be updated because the developer has ceased development on them. Of course it’s possible that the developer of something is just behind and will release an update, but I’m guessing that most of these are a lost cause.

Find replacements before you upgrade to iOS 11

Luckily for me there was only one App that I used regularly that the developer stopped development on a couple of years ago. I spent some time on the App store and found a replacement app that has most of the same functionality. The rest of the apps are either apps that I haven’t used in a while or can live without. When I upgrade to iOS 11 I will likely just delete them from my iPhone/iPad.


More to come…

I’ll probably do a post and video about my favorite features of iOS 11. Stay tuned!


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