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  1. I can’t check myself since iOS 11 won’t install on my iPad 3 and iPhone 5 and I see look reason to upgrade at this time. But I do wonder if Apple has finally paid attention to a host of issues in the Clock app:

    1. Do U.S cities include their state? iOS 100 has one Portland with no indication whether it was in Maine or Portland. It also has numerous little town we’ve never heard of and can’t even locate without the state.

    2. Does it include at least one city in each state? iOS 10, had no cities from at least two states. Alabama may not be included because its three largest cities are majority black. I’m not sure why Maine is left out. Not having a city in your state means you can’t really set it up for DST, since that is done at the state level.

    3. Has Apple, which claimed to be outraged that the FBI might gain access to the business-owned cell phone of a terrorist, done anything about its pandering to dictatorships and terrorists in the city listings of Clock. Here are chilling examples:

    a. China is a one-party dictatorship as repressive as Nazi Germany. China’s capital is listed in Clock, and cities in brutally occupied TIbet are listed as Chinese. Yet Taipei, capital of democratic Taiwan, is not given a country.

    b. Gaza, a hell-hole and a hot bed or terrorism is listed as part of the “Palestinian Territories,” but Jerusalem, a majority Jewish city, is not listed as part of democratic Israel.

    Items #1 and #2 are just sloppy. Item #3 is hypocritical. Apple’s stand against the FBI is undoubtedly because it wants to sell to white-collar criminals, here and in Europe, who don’t want evidence of tax evasion or whatever taken from their iPhones. It panders to the Chinese dictatorship because it wants to sell iPhones there. In short, #3 is “all about the money.” At Apple Corporate, money rules.

    Sorry to be a grouch, but these factors have long been a bone of contention with me, especially #3.

  2. Another great, personable, and informative report! First time I’ve seen one of your videos and they match the quality of your columns. Good presentation with good, friendly speaking voice!

    I did notice one recurring glitch, however! As you waved your hand, your fingers turned green at several points!

    In any event, keep up the good work!

  3. Hi, Terry

    I’m jumping up and down with the cool tricks on this video. I don’t have handy access to high schoolers so it’s hard to discover stuff like this. THANK YOU!!!!

    – re: 4 Offload Unused Apps, you had a wish list item that it listed the apps so you could delete them right away. Well, it is actually there. Open the grey Show More option. After a moment, it creates an apps list with usage sizes. You can swipe and Delete an app from that list, although I doubt it does the saving the documents bit.

    Will share this awesome vid. Thanks again.

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