Hey! That’s Me Featured On ABC’s The List Show TV

Woot! That’s me on The List Show TV (not the Wookie LOL):

Every now and then I get a request to do an interview. Usually it’s for blogs, podcasts and printed publications. Every now and then I get one that turns out to be a little bigger than I expected. ABC Network’s “The List Show TV” contacted me to do a quick interview and get my thoughts on mobile Live Streaming. In particular they noticed my use of Facebook Live. I did the interview via Skype and kinda forgot about it. Last night one of my cousins posted a congratulations on Facebook and I was like “what are you talking about?” I went looking for the show online as I don’t think it airs here locally in Atlanta. Low and behold, there it was on their YouTube channel! It’s always an honor when publications and media outlets reach out to me for my opinions. This one had the added cool factor that it was actually on TV too! Continue Reading »

Learn Adobe Lightroom CC in my FREE 8 Part Class

Lightroom CC

Last week I kicked off my Creative Cloud Learning Stream – “Introduction to Adobe Lightroom CC”. This FREE 8 Part class takes place LIVE on twitch.tv/adobe every Tuesday (yes tomorrow) and Friday at 11AM-12 noon EDT (Time Zone Converter). By the end of the 8 sessions you should have a great understanding of how Lightroom works and and how to use it to manage and adjust your images.

What if I missed Lightroom CC parts one and two?

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Save Your Periscope Broadcasts Beyond 24 Hours?

BREAKING – Periscope is picking up where Katch.me left off (as I predicted they would) with a public beta feature. Just put #save in your scope title to save broadcasts beyond 24 hours! No need for an app update. 

While this does take away from the precious characters we have for titles it is very welcomed! Hopefully it will be integrated into the Start Broadcast button in the future.

Facebook Live from my Desktop


Facebook just up’d the ante for Live Streaming by releasing a developer API for their Live Streaming feature. This means that any developer can now take advantage of this by adding Live Streaming to their Apps or Devices. One of the first companies to take advantage of this is Telestream. Telestream makes my favorite screen recording software (Screenflow) and they make a professional level streaming application called Wirecast. Wirecast 6.0.7 came out on the same day and allows you to add Facebook Live as a streaming option.


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Live Streaming from a DSLR Point of View


Live Streaming from a DSLR Point of View

Live streaming is becoming more and more popular and whether or not you’re live streaming your photo shoots or just wanting to create a behind the scenes video, your DLSR has the best view. Let’s face it. Your DSLR is pointed at the subject and has the best point of view. Sure, you can mount your smartphone or video camera on a stand/tripod to capture the “set”, but your DSLR is always going to be focused on the action!

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Adobe Apps on iPad Pro and Intro to Photoshop


As expected, Apple just took the wraps off the latest addition to the iPad family, the NEW 9.7 inch iPad Pro! I’m excited about this one because it’s the iPad that I really wanted. When the iPad Pro was introduced last year, the first thought that came to mind was “I don’t really want/need a bigger iPad.” However, after experiencing the fidelity of the Apple Pencil, I knew that this was the iPad to have for all things creative. Now that there is a 9.7″ iPad Pro with the same speed and Apple Pencil support it’s clear that Apple is serious when it comes to enabling creatives to be creative on mobile devices…

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Adobe Lightroom Mobile from Scratch

Lightroom Mobile

Join me tomorrow, Friday, March 18, 2016 at 10AM EDT for a LIVE session: “Lightroom Mobile from Scratch.” If you’ve been wanting to take your photography to the next level by making sure that your images are easily accessible on your mobile devices and the web, then I’ve got something for you:

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Time for Some Photo Restoration in Photoshop CC


In Tuesday’s episode 19 of Terry White Live: The Lightroom and Photoshop CC Show I did photo restoration of old photos. This is something that I have always done in my spare time as a hobby. However, I decided to scan in some old photos of my dad that were in my grandma’s house and they were only deteriorating more and more each day. It was time to save them…

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