Ever hear someone say “I should have backed up my Music!”?


I have had both friends and family members lose data over the years due to crashed hard drives. In almost all those cases they didn't have a current backup or a backup of any kind. In the case of my sister we were able to at least get her music back using a 3rd party App that allowed me to recover it from her iPod. Although Apple has allowed us to freely re-download our iOS Apps as many times as needed, iTunes music content was always a one-time download. Of course in some cases pleading your case to Apple directly would get you a special one-time re-download of all your purchased content curtesy of a caring human being at AppleCare. If this has ever happened to you, you'll be happy to know that you can now get it all back!


iTunes in iCloud

Yesterday Apple turned on a few of the iCloud (beta) features that allow you to grab any of your purchased Apps, Music and iBooks on any of your iOS devices. If you grab the iTunes 10.3 beta you'll be able to do the same on your Mac or PC too. Since Apple keeps a history of all your purchased music, it should all be there and available for download.


What Else Is New?

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, iOS 5, iCloud and more…

A lot of things were shown off yesterday and it will take a little time to make sense of some of it. While iOS 5 doesn't give me all the things I wanted from my wishlist, here are the things that got my attention and that I'm most excited about.

Watch the entire Apple/Steve Jobs Keynote here.

6 Replies to “Ever hear someone say “I should have backed up my Music!”?”

  1. Just learned today after downloading iTunes 10.3 that auto download to my Verizon CDMA iPhone4 is not supported. Come on Apple update the software on our Verizon phones!!!

  2. Terry

    Is there any idea how the accounts will work? I understand my MobileMe account will transfer over but I use a separate email for my Apple ID in iTunes which my wife and I actually share. I wonder if we’ll be able to tie that ID to each our accounts or one of us will have to start from scratch?

    1. Apparently from what Apple indicated, most of your MobileMe settings (e.g., email, calendar, contacts) will be transferred over iCloud when you sign up for iCloud account. However, it is not clear what happens some of the other MobileMe features such as iDisk, Gallery, iWeb website hosting. I suspect iDisk content will just be rolled into the 5GB free storage if so chosen, but sadly, the media Gallery and web stuff are likely casualties in all of this.

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