Getting Started with HTML 5 Video

Adobe's Worldwide Web Evangelist, Greg Rewis returns to give us his 3rd installment on Creating HTML 5 and this time it's how to Get Started with HTML 5 Video. Greg shows how to use the HTML 5 Pack for Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 to create HTML 5 video that reaches the largest audience of viewers.


4 Replies to “Getting Started with HTML 5 Video”

  1. Hi Greg Rewis!!

    Thank you for share this video.. Excellent and very useful for Web developers..
    i’m waiting for more tips from you….

  2. Speaking of getting started with video, why can’t my
    iMac (10.5.8, Safari 4) see anything but a big white space
    at the top of this page where I think a video window should be?

  3. Thank you for the video. Very useful.

    I did notice that the video width & height didn’t seem to work when you demonstrated the video controls in Google Chrome. Is there a reason?


  4. Great short description how video should be implemented today for all user’ be able to see video with their system, no matter what browser they use.

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