Tech Profile of Stephanie Sullivan Rewis

Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis

(The perils of getting married when you're already known by another name. :P)




Phoenix, Arizona

Your blog/website:
Sadly, I've not blogged in about a year due to too much twittering, but I've started to post thoughts that are over 140 characters on Tumblr:

Favorite Gadget

Honestly, though it's not really a little gadget, it's my 17" MacBook Pro. I'm at the computer so much, I really don't find much need for things like iPads/tablets. I'd have to take my computer off my lap to use them.

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Tech Profile of Dave Helmly

David Helmly

North American Technical Sales Manager Pro Video/Audio


Adobe Systems,Inc

Annapolis MD

Your blog/website?

Favorite Gadget(s)

This hard as I do a lot of reviews on various products. iPhone is up there but looking forward to seeing what happens with the Android OS, Chrome browser has won me over –Safari is now dead to me, & Garmin Nuvi

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Tech Profile of Corey Barker

Corey Barker

Photoshop Guy


Kelby Media Group

Oldsmar, FL


Your blog/website:,


Favorite Gadget(s):

Apple TV, PS3, XBox, and Wii I use them all for different reasons. I rent movies on Apple TV, PS3 is my Blu Ray player, XBox is for online gaming, and the Wii is just fun! Oh and the iPad, even though I haven't got one yet.


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