Tech Profile of Stephanie Sullivan Rewis

Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis

(The perils of getting married when you're already known by another name. :P)




Phoenix, Arizona

Your blog/website:
Sadly, I've not blogged in about a year due to too much twittering, but I've started to post thoughts that are over 140 characters on Tumblr:

Favorite Gadget

Honestly, though it's not really a little gadget, it's my 17" MacBook Pro. I'm at the computer so much, I really don't find much need for things like iPads/tablets. I'd have to take my computer off my lap to use them.


Your cellphone/smartphone (make/model):

Currently an iPhone 3G, but I've got a Nexus One I'm about to switch to.

Won't leave the house without 

A toothbrush for my eyebrows & lip balm. Oh, do you mean-tech related? πŸ™‚ I guess that would be my mobile. I can't be anywhere without some connection to the interwebs.

Blogs you read regularly

Sadly, none I read regularly. But I *do* read blogs. It's just usually from the feed in my RSS reader—Twitter. It's the best RSS ever.

Mac or PC

Always been a Mac.

Laptop or Desktop

Laptop—but I have a second monitor to hook it into when I want to work at my desk (usually when coding a big project that gets me claustrophobic going between comps and code).

Favorite App/Software

That's tough since it depends on what I'm doing. The ones that never close are Dreamweaver (because I'm usually coding something), TweetDeck (because that's where all the little people inside my computer live) and Chrome (because it's faster than the other browsers).

Technology that you're most looking forward to that hasn't been invented yet

It's a toss up between hover cars and the ability to implant my brain into some kind of host to keep me going for a thousand years. I already live in a computer for the most part, so maybe the hover cars. I grew up racing cars and motorcycles and always dreamed of flying when I was young. That would definitely be the most fun technological choice—zipping around dipping and diving.

What do you wear to work

When in the home office, a tank top and yoga pants. It's all about comfort. When speaking or training, black slacks & a nice T-shirt/sweater. I know a lot of people in our industry are more casual and wear jeans, but for some reason as a woman, I feel I have to be a bit more formal and "respectable" in those situations. Might just be me.

Favorite Quote

Wow, there are so many I like (I used to collect them and usually twitter one ever couple days). One of my top five is still: "Luck is when preparedness meets opportunity and opportunity is everywhere." I try to live in a prepared and up to date state so I can take advantage of interesting opportunities. I'm the luckiest. πŸ˜‰

Favorite Restaurant

Greg's Bar and Grill. Oh, you mean outside my home. I'm not really a foodie so I can't say I have a favorite. Probably Loco Patron since I like Mexican and it's the one I go to most often (due to its proximity to home).

What time do you go to bed

There are two answers to this question—one when my husband isn't on the road and one when he is. πŸ˜‰ When he's home, usually about 12 to 1am. When he's not, I might work till 3 or 4am. I'm a horrible night owl.

What time to you wake up

As in the above answer—and if I don't have a client meeting—about 8 or 9a when Greg's home. 10 or 11a when he's not.

What's the first thing you do when you wake up

Put on the coffee pot and sit down to email. I really should start by working out BEFORE venturing into the email arena since clients can suck me right in.


Describe your perfect day

My perfect day would start with a walk or workout… sun and the beach… reading… red wine… my amazingly fabulous husband—with lots of talking and snuggling. (I love my work, but I'm guessing this "perfect day" is work-free. ;))

Anything else

Treat others as you'd like to be treated. Don't waste mental energy on what didn't go right in the past or what might not go right in the future. Accept what you can't change—change and affect what you can. Stay positive—negativity only makes you bitter. Live in the now, because in the words of the indomitable Chili Peppers, "this life is more than just a read through." Grab it. πŸ™‚