Tech Profile of Seal


Musician, Photographer


Seal, Inc.


Los Angeles, CA

Your blog/website?


Favorite Gadget(s)

Leica MP Titan


Your cellphone/smartphone (make/model):

iPhone, HTC Desire (Android)


Won't leave the house without

A camera (mostly film point ‘n shoot, Leica CM, Contax T2 etc.)


Blogs you read regularly

Terry White, Steve Huff

Mac or PC

You couldn’t pay me enough money to use a PC

Laptop or Desktop

iMac for home, now downsized to using an iPad

Favorite App/Software

Aperture, Logic Studio Pro

Technology that you're most looking forward to that hasn't been invented yet?

Holoband (Caprica t.v series)


What do you wear to work?

The more time I can spend in my pajamas, the better

Favorite Quote

"Today’s news, wraps tomorrow’s fish"

Favorite Restaurant

Nobu (NYC)

What time do you go to bed?


What time to you wake up?

Our beautiful six month old alarm clock wakes me up at 5:am with God given smile.


What's the first thing you do when you wake up?

Kiss my wife and six month old alarm clock


Describe your perfect day

Any day that I can put my own pants on unassisted is as perfect as can be. 


Anything else?

Isn’t the Internet a wonderful thing ….all things considered?


Seal's Hits here: Seal - Seal: Hits (Deluxe Version)

20 Replies to “Tech Profile of Seal”

  1. Terry,

    This profile is a nice surprise. My expectation was that the tech profile would always feature a tech-centric personality not well known celebrities (i.e. recording artist).

    I’ve seen Seal in concert many years ago here in Toronto and the brotha got skills.

  2. So I was reading this and thinking how cool it is that my buddy Terry knows Seal. (I’m a real fan and Seal is even playing from the iPod speakers in my office right now.) And then I thought, ‘hey, Seal reads Terry’s blog and I was featured on a tech profile once myself. — SEAL READ MY PROFILE!! Cool!”

  3. Terry,
    Not many times can I say that “six degrees of separation” developed so fast for me is such a short amount of time! I’m glad you added his tech profile to your blog! Very cool! Love his music.

  4. Glad to see Seal’s profile here. Isn’t it great that he got in touch with Twitter? Good that it perked you up on a tough day, and great to see his profile now.

    That Leica does look pretty cool!

  5. That was pretty darn awesome. Not only the answers but his willingness to share.

  6. Hay Terry. Way to go. I only wonder what other celebs are addicted to your site as much as I am.

    Hay Seal. Cute kid.

  7. Seal, thank you so much for sharing your profile with Terry and all of us who are addicted to his blog. Loved you favorite quote – how true. I feel the same way about p.j.s. Love your music. I really appreciate that you put family first. How fun to read about you on Terry’s site. Terry, you are the best. I read you every morning with my hot tea! Love your blog.

  8. Great interview! I checked out the blogs Seal recommended and Steve Huff is an awesome find. I’ll be checking in with Steve and Seal regularly! Thanks!

  9. I have been a fan of Seal ever since “kiss from a rose” in 94. He is a giant with a gentle voice. Your interview has shown a new and very pleasant side of him. I love the photograph’s and the fact that he is so very open. Well the comment about the PC , that is an absolute jewel. Thanks a lot, Terry.

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