My New ThinkTank Streetwalker HardDrive Backpack

While planing my trip to Egypt I figured I'd be carrying a little more camera gear than usual to capture this amazing location and while I love my Kata backpack it just wasn't big enough for this trip. My need was to have a backpack that would carry two camera bodies, all the lenses I wanted, my Wacom Intuos 4 Small Tablet, accessories and oh yeah my MacBook Pro 15" and my iPad. I HATE checking luggage and I would never check my gear anyway. However, if I can carry one bag of gear (my smaller personal item that must fit under the seat in front of me) and the larger bag for clothes (going in the overhead bin, wheels inward) then I'm a happy guy. Having been totally satisfied with my larger ThinkTank Airport International 2.0  Roller bag I decided to look to ThinkTank for a backpack this time. I ordered the Streetwalker HardDrive Backpack and when it arrived I was a little freaked out at how long it was. Sizewise it was perfect in that it could hold everything I wanted to take on my trip. However, I just wasn't sure if it would fit under the seat of a domestic flight. I took the chance and headed out with the bag figuring worse case scenario would be that I would check my clothes/suitcase. 


It fits!

I had no problem fitting it under the seat. As a matter of fact it even fit in that skinny area under the seat that my normal laptop bag never fits in. I was also able to fit the MacBook Pro and iPad in the laptop area. However, had it been an inch longer the flight attendants may have complained of it being a potential tripping hazard. Although this backpack can accommodate a tripod on the front I didn't push my luck 🙂


What's in it this week?

I brought along a few goodies for the trip 🙂

Yes I can still lift it and wear it comfortably on my back. 


How would I redesign it?

No product is perfect for all users. Although I'm really digging this bag I would make a couple of changes in the next version (again to fit my needs). First off tablets (both computer and graphics) are becoming more and more popular. The outside pocket on the front would be perfect for an iPad if it were just a little wider and deeper. Although the main camera compartment zippers can be secured with a lock (optional), the computer area doesn't have any security features at all. Granted I'm traveling with more valuable photography gear this time than computer gear (and I never let it out of my sight anyway), but that doesn't mean that my computer gear isn't valuable and crucial to my trip. 


The Bottom Line

If you need a well made backpack that can hold quite a bit of camera gear AND your laptop, look no further. The ThinkTank Streetwalker (the name sounds so…) HardDrive is available here for $179.


P.S. many of you are waiting for my 1st impressions/review of the Nikon D7000. In a word it's AWESOME! More later, but here's my first shot taken last night after walking into my hotel room in the dark at ISO 6400. I'm doing the happy dance with this camera! It's everything I wanted it to be. More  later as I have more shooting to do 🙂

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  1. Great review! But I’m wondering if you had room for your legs and feet. That looks pretty cramped for an overseas flight. I’m also wondering how much it weighed after you had it fully loaded. Can’t wait to hear more about the D7000. Hope you have a wonderful time in Egypt.

    1. Lynn, thanks I should have clarified that I never have room for my legs no matter which bag I stick under the seat. 🙂 I always pull it out and put it behind my legs (so that my legs can then go under the seat) during the flight. It only goes under there during takeoff/landing and when someone next to me has to get up.

  2. I bought one just before going to India/Nepal last month. Loved it. It fit up top in the bins easily. I also wish the tripod pocket on the front was a bit more versatile.

    1. Guys, it doesn’t way “that much” 🙂 While it certainly has a lot in it, those items don’t way that much individually. It doesn’t feel much heavier than either my suitcase or my normal computer laptop rollerbag (with all the stuff I carry in it). So the weight has not been an issue at all. However, when I get to a scale I’ll weigh it out of curiosity.

  3. I have the same backpack. I am grappling with whether to take it to Cuba or not. It does hold a lot of stuff but it would be very difficult to “shoot out of”. I may have to check in my empty TT Retro 30 to use as a shooting bag… but I hate checking luggage.

  4. The reason I asked Terry when I put 2 cameras and 3 lenses into my Tamrac backpack and then my macbook in it.. it is over 50 pounds.. when I travel yeah it is nice to have everything in 1 bag, but damn walking around with it is tough after a while

  5. I have a photo backpack but like many have said, after all the equipment and the MacBook it get very heavy to lug around. As I get older I’m starting to leave more stuff at home. My travel camera of choice is now equipped with a Tamron 18-270 so I can leave many lenses back home.

    Hey Terry, is that an antenna on top of that pyramid?

  6. Love ThinkTank products. I’ve only experienced their Urban Disguise line, the Streetwalker looks to be at least worth a look. Thanks for the review.

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