Introducing Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad 2

In this episode of the Adobe Creative Suite Podcast, I’ll show you the NEW Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad. While there are lots of photo editing Apps for iOS, there are none that are truly like “Photoshop.” Photoshop Touch gives you the power and familiarity of Photoshop tools and techniques on your iPad. Best of all the layered files you create can be opened in Photoshop CS5 on the desktop and continued to be refined.

You can get Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad 2 for $9.99 here from the iTunes

• Requires iPad 2 and iOS 5. Not available for iPad (first generation).

or here from the Android Market

If you’re looking for a great Stylus to go along with this App, here’s the one I use.

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42 Replies to “Introducing Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad 2”

  1. Hi Terry,
    I enjoyed the look at Photoshop Touch. I see it only supports up to 1600 X 1600 images, at what resolution? 72 dpi? Is the application able to deal with files that would make nice prints (8 X 10 or smaller)? Love the blog.

    1. A 1600×1600 pixel image at 72ppi would produce an 10″x10″ image at 160ppi. I normally send prints at 200ppi.
      However my guess is that people looking to high res prints are probably not going to be doing a lot of compositing on the iPad in the 1st place.
      On the other hand 99% of the images I post online are less than 1024×1024. So PS Touch would be a nice fit for posting images to the net.

      1. I noticed in your comment to Bill you mentioned the Creative Cloud services that Adobe will offer. I am currently a Graphic Design student and I was wondering if the subscription will offer a reduced rate for students or will I have to get the hard copy like I have been to get student pricing.

      2. Thanks for this nice video. I’m looking forward to giving it a whirl.

        I’m wondering if 1600×1600 res is primarily a limitation with iPad2, but would be lifted with iPad3 assuming it gets retinal display as everyone is expecting?

        1. Borrowing a quote from John Nack’s blog, one of the PS Touch product managers: “Now, let me anticipate two questions which go hand in hand: Why does the app require an iPad 2, and why is the maximum image size 1600x1600px? The iPad 2 has twice the RAM, twice the processing cores, and ~5x the graphics grunt of the iPad 1. PS Touch brings some seriously powerful algorithms (e.g. Refine Edge) from the desktop to mobile, and we wanted to ensure a good match between hardware & image size. The app is geared more towards remixing photos & sharing them onscreen than towards print work; having said that, note that a 1600×1600 doc could be printed at 10.6×10.6? at 150dpi.”

  2. Hi Terry,

    Having bought and played around with PS Touch this a.m., I’d have to say I am quite impressed so far. One stumbling block I’ve encountered: Is it not possible to edit text once you have created it?

    Trev J.

  3. Hi, what did you use to record the videofootage? It shows the places where you touch the screen. How did you do that?


  4. Is there other way than Creative Cloud to synchronize the photo retouched in the iPad to see it on my iMac?

  5. Terry,
    Thanks for the video! I really like the simplicity of the layout and I am surprised it is only $9.99. I know this does not matter but I am curious, when you opened the app did it open in real time or was that edited?

    1. thanks! Yes that was real time with the exception of once the App was up I did pause the recording/edit to change a preference in the App to turn on the Presentation Mode (the red dot).

  6. Hi Terry, Will Photoshop Touch interface with Elements 9 nor 10 or just CS5?

    1. Also do you have to subscribe to Creative Cloud to use the Photoshop Touch for iPad or can you just upload local photos? I just can’t justify the $50.00 monthly fee when I wouldn’t be using it daily.
      Thank you again,

    1. Like all the editors on iPad I hate to say ACR because when you think of a RAW workflow it’s a non-destructive workflow. Currently there is no “RAW editing” on tablets. However, with that said PS Touch will open your RAWs using the JPG previews just like the rest of the editors do.

  7. Terry, I tried this out and it’s the most powerful photography app in the app store. I have one thing I can’t seem to figure out. Can you rotate a crop from landscape to portrait before applying the crop. There has to be a way to do this..

  8. Great video, thanks. And do you know of any application that will record an iPad screen onto a Windows machine? It looks like Screen Flow is only for the Mac.

  9. Terry,
    This is unrelated, but I noticed you had proto and few other unreleased iPad apps that I am more keen on for projects. Especially for mood board creation. These apps are out for android but not for ios yet. When can we expect them? Thanks,


    1. Actually Derek beat me to it, but he’s right on target. The two Apps have overlap, but enough differences to set them apart, mainly that iPhoto is a “flat” photo workflow and PS Touch allows compositing of multiple layers.

  10. Not at all. There are some similarities, but just as lightroom can’t replace everything photoshop can do (or not as well) same goes for the iOS iPhoto app and photoshop touch. Layers, type, blending modes, selections and cutting of objects, etc. are all things iOS iPhoto can not perform.

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