I Just Became An UPstrap Fan

I recently talked about the OPTECH strap that I was using and a few of my photographer buddies suggested that I also look at the UPstrap, so I did. I ordered an UPstrap and finally got a chance to try it out. I gotta say that I was a little skeptical about any strap claiming to not slide off your shoulder. I've heard those claims before. However, I have to say that the UPstrap lives up to its claims. I put it on my Nikon D7000 and no matter what I did (jumping, dancing around, running, etc.) it stayed in place. Wow! While it's not the prettiest strap out there (it's really plain and rubbery looking), it's now my new favorite! Can't wait to do my next photowalk with this one.


Check out the UPstrap here.

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  1. As one of those who suggested the Upstrap, I have to say that you made a wise decision. The quality in the Upstrap is second to none.

  2. Terry,

    I’m curious if you’ve ever tried a Black Rapid strap, and if so, what do you think of it compared to the UPstrap?

    I bought a Black Rapid RS-4 and I really like it — for the most part. It’s very comfortable for prolonged use (really cuts down on neck pain), and I think it looks a little more professional than the standard camera strap.

    That said, the mounting screw (or Fastenr, as Black Rapid calls it) has a tendency to come lose, which is obviously NOT a good thing.

    About a month ago (November 2010) I had an all-day shoot, which involved shooting at a shipping port (on the water’s edge), and I *thankfully* happened to notice that my camera was only hanging on by the last few threads of the Fastenr screw. Needless to say that my heart skipped a beat, and my trust in the product diminished.

    1. I’m waiting for Santa to bring my UpStrap so I can try and merge it with my RS 4. Because I love the Black Rapid, but the shoulder part keeps moving around. The UpStrap material should do the trick.

  3. Terry, do you, or have you used the Black Rapid strap? I keep reading great things about it, but have yet to try one myself. I think I would feel safer with a strap around my neck as opposed to just resting on my shoulder. You never know when somebody might knock your camera in a crowd (or make a grab for it). Or does the Black rapid just serve a whole different purpose for other kinds of shooting? i.e. Sports, etc.

  4. I’m also a big UPstrap fan. I use one on my camera and did use one on my camera bag as well (before I got a Think Tank Retrospect 20 bag which has its own great strap). One of the best things about UPstrap is how well they stand behind their products. When I had a problem with one if my UPstraps, they were right there to help me and replaced the strap. Great people – Great product.

  5. Having used just about every camera strap on the market since 2002 (except the Black Rapid), I can say that the UPstrap is the best I’ve used. I’ve got one on both camera bodies (with quick release ends) and each of two big lenses. Even though the UPstrap keeps the camera securely on my shoulder, I wear the strap around my neck for greater security and for providing another anchor point when I need vibration-free shots at slow shutter speeds. You made a great choice.

  6. After barely catching my camera as it slid off my shoulder as I was holding a backpack, I took Matt K.’s advice on a D-Town segment and bought one. I don’t even think about the camera slipping off my shoulder anymore. Now if they only made a rifle strap (yes, you can use it to haul a tripod around).

  7. The upstrap is awesome. I never even put the supplited strap from Nikon on my new bodies. Besides the strap staying on your shoulder, the strap itself is longer which I like.

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