8 Replies to “Flash on the iPhone? There is an App for that!”

  1. It seems to work well on the iPad also. Assuming you have jailbroke it and use “forcefull” to resize it to the iPad’s screen dimensions.

  2. The last thing i want on an iPhone, Android or iPad is Flash. It is bloated, slow, uses way too many resources, and is a security issue. That’s why I block it on my Mac’s and PC’s both at work and at home.

  3. This comment is on the iTunes can you confirm it?

    VPN to another machine

    by dimakop

    All it does is open a VPN to another machine. Be very careful folks, all the pages that are being surfed are available for others to see in the URL. Don’t save your private info on the browser. Watch your backs. It’s tempting but how desperate are you for flash?

  4. Just deleted the app, I never knew how unsecured this was! Terry how could you recommend such an app that has these security concerns?

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