Creative Ways to Showoff Your Photography – Gelaskins

Yesterday I talked about showing off your Photography with Moo Cards. Today it's all about skins. My guess is that you have a cellphone, mp3 player, laptop or gaming device if not all of the above. So why not add some custom bling to your electronic devices.


Gelaskins has been around for a while selling all kinds of creative looking skins for your various devices. Honestly I'm not really a skin kind of guy. The reason is that I usually don't find an image that I like so much that I want it on a device that I use/look at every day. However, once I found out that they now allow you to use YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY, I couldn't get the site fast enough. 


I wanted to try a couple of images first to see if I would like the product. So I uploaded two photos from my Lightroom library and anxiously awaited my new skins to arrive. The two skins I ordered were for the iPhone 3G/3GS. When they arrived, I was floored. The color really popped and they were extremely easy to put on without the infamous "bubbles". I also like the fact that they aren't permanent. You can just as easily peel them back off.



The Bottom Line

If you want to dress up your electronics and showoff your photography, Gelaskins is a great option! There's a nice protective coating over the skin so that your photo doesn't get all scuffed up and at the same time it protects your devices from those same scuffs and scratches. So if you've got a cellphone (doesn't have to be an iPhone) or other electronic device and you want to customize it with your own photos head over to and place your order. My next skin will be a nice landscape shot for my MacBook Pro.



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  1. My MacBook Pro is adorned with the Anatomie of a Gummi Bar gelaskin. Wows coffee shop buddies everywhere I go.

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