Creative Ways to Showoff Your Photography – Gallery Wraps


This is my 3rd installment on showing off your Photography. First I talked about Moo cards and then yesterday about Gelaskins. If you have a shot that you really want to show off in your home or office, why not go the extra mile and have it printed on canvas in the form of a Gallery Wrap? I'm really addicted to this kind of print/mounting done by First let me tell you that it's not cheap! Before I even consider having a gallery wrap done, I have to really be in LOVE with the shot. Otherwise I'll just stick to traditional prints in frames. Gallery Wraps are for those shots that are really important to you. The ones that you just can't stop looking at. 



Once I got approved to become an MPIX Pro Customer, I was lucky that MPIX had a sale on Gallery Wraps. I thought this was my chance to get a few of my favorite shots mounted this way and save a little money at the same time. Whether you're an MPIX Pro customer or regular MPIX customer the quality is equally the same — OUTSTANDING! I've gotten several compliments on the ones I've gotten done so far and the next thing that they want to know is "where did you get those done?"

Sticker shock alert – Like I said, these aren't cheap. The smallest size is an 8×10" and it's $55. They go all the way up to 24×36" for $170.00. I got four 11×14"s, which normally go for $70 each. I will say that the larger you go the less expensive it starts to feel. Also keep in mind that this is canvas not paper!


I liked them so much that later I got another done as an 16×20". I got 3 of these and gave the other two away as gifts to family members. 


The Bottom Line

Gallery Wraps give your photos a classy, professional art gallery feel to them. Something you would easily want to hang on the wall as a show piece. If you have a photo that is outstanding, I highly recommend giving it the Gallery Wrap treatment.


MPIX offers a full range of printing and mounting services/products. I plan to try their metal prints next. If you're a NAPP member check the members page for discounts.

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  1. I agree that Gallery Wraps are an outstanding way to show off your prints. I haven’t used MPIX before but have heard good things about them. I have printed my own Gallery Wraps using an HP printer & papper with Photoshop. Here is a great tutorial that I used to help me learn the process. Very easy and- – I did not make my frames (as mentioned in the second tutorial, by hp guy) I bought precut wood stretcher frames from Michaels craft for really cheap. I know I have done several of these and people love em! If you have the right printer and paper this may be an option for those who enjoy this type of creativity. It is really simple to do and I use smart objects when I set-up my template for the different sizes. Terry, I think you ought to do a tutorial on this for your creative suite podcast:)

  2. Good descriptions, Terry, and you’re right; these are very well done.

    One thing to remember when considering the price… yes, they’re more expensive than prints, but a lot less so when one considers that these do not need framed. Custom framing in particular is an expensive item itself.

  3. I’ve had 16 photos done by Mpix on metallic paper, with their luster coating, and mounted on foam board, for our display for PR events, for our Search and Rescue Dog group, and they are all stunning! I think they’re pretty reasonably priced, too, at about $10 each, especially considering the quality and lastability.

  4. I have heard a lot of remarkable things about MPix and I want to give the gallery wraps a try for my clients, but the cost of shipping it across the border to Canada makes it a hard sell.

    Can anybody recommend a Canadian printer with Mpix’s quality and catalog?

  5. Hi Markus…Thanks for that link… I think I will try that as I do use Hahnemuehle paper and didn’t realize they had this too.

    1. I saw them demoed in Santa Fe @ the Photo Arts event. They are very well thought out and are simple to put together. They have a nice corner treatment too.

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