Creative Ways to Showoff Your Photography – Moo Cards

As a photographer I'm always looking for creative ways to showoff my work. So I thought I would spend the next day or so showing some of the products I've recently discovered or been turned on to to do just that. It's pretty common to have photographic business cards these days. However, the hard part is picking the one or two images that you'll use. Of course the minute you submit the order, you'll take an even more impressive shot the next day. So when my buddy Scott Kelby turned me on to I was all over it. 


Pick your favorite 50!

That's Right lets you design your business cards with up to 50 different images. You can get 50 different business cards for only $21.99. Now you don't have to have 50 different images. That's the max. However, let's say that you have 10 images that you love. You can get say 200 cards with those 10 images and you'd end up with 20 cards of each image. For example, I picked 48 of my favorite images (I know, but I just couldn't come up with 2 more that I would want on a card) and I ordered 200 cards. I ended up with each image at least 4 times and two of the images ended up on 6 cards instead of 4. 


So now when I want to give out a business card I can choose one based on either landscapes or portraits. The opposite side of the card, which contains your information is the same for every card. 


The Quality, Cost and Ordering

The card stock used is very good. I've had as much praise over the quality of the card and printing as the images that are on them. Ordering was very easy and straight forward. I was glad and impressed that I could upload all the images at once. The prices are 50 for $21.99, 100 for $43.98 and 200 for $69.99. Head over to to place your order. Turnaround time was very quick.

11 Replies to “Creative Ways to Showoff Your Photography – Moo Cards”

  1. Strangely, today I am putting together my third order to for the moo mini cards which my clients love. I have been using moo for months and think they are a fantastic product.

  2. They also come in a cool white plastic box! I have moo cards with just my online info to hand out to people I meet (email, website, twitter). The mini cards are perfect for that.

    Make business cards with your client’s images on them–they’ll love to hand out your info.

    And get the mosaic frame to display lots of your moo cards. It’s a great mini portfolio that lets you swap out the images easily.

    1. Actually they are an non-standard business card size of 3.31″x2.17″ vs. regular business cards being 3.5″x2″. So they are slightly taller, but not quite as wide.

  3. I just placed an order — what a great idea! Can’t wait to see how they print. Terry, have you tried both paper types? I found it hard to decide which would be better for my photos.

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