An App Written Just for Me, but you can use it too :)


Check out my review of Shawn Welch's NEW Presentation Clock App here. Read about how this App came to be with a little influence from yours truly.

You can get Presentation Clock here from the Presentation

Be sure to follow Shawn on Twitter too.

4 Replies to “An App Written Just for Me, but you can use it too :)”

  1. This is a great app for what it does. My only suggestion is that I would like to see a feature to edit an alarm, right now when you touch edit all you can do is delete. Other then that it works GREAT.

    Oh also a third warning that flashes read would be nice, say at the 1 or 2 minute mark.

    1. John you can edit by tapping the arrow on the right. As far as a 3rd warning goes I’ve never needed more than 2. I set one at 5 minutes and one at 1 minute. Sometimes I’ll set the first one at 10 minutes.

  2. Way cool Terry! I saw a similar app or could be the same app that Clay Blackmore used at his Photo Fusion Revolution Seminar last night in Burbank, CA

  3. Very cool! I’ve seen this set up the MacGroup meetings and wondered about it. Just picked it up and looking forward to using it!

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