Triple Your MiFi Battery Life

I love my MiFi 3G hotspot! I use it all the time. The only thing that can be a bit of a drag is when it runs out of battery power. If I’m near an outlet I can just plug in the supplied USB adapter and run it all day. However, if I’m in a seminar or other setting where I don’t have immediate access to an outlet the battery can only last about 4 hours tops. That all changed when I “super sized” my MiFi Battery.

A 3300 mAh Extended Battery Lasts me all Day!

As long as I have a good 3G signal, my MiFi will now last me all day with this battery. It’s designed to replace the stock battery and battery cover. This way it charges internally and as far as your MiFi is concerned it doesn’t see any difference. The good folks over at The 3G Store sell both Verizon MiFi 2200 and Novatel GSM MiFi 2352/2372 Extended Batteries for $90.

Yes it makes the MiFi about twice as thick, but it’s worth it if you need to be mobile and connected for several hours throughout the day.

By the way, you can get an unlocked MiFi GSM 2372 Mobile Hotspot here On Sale for $226.

9 Replies to “Triple Your MiFi Battery Life”

  1. Terry,

    What do you mean, “unlocked”MiFi GSM ?

    I use the Iphone with ATT. Does this mean with this device I can avoid a “data plan”, or pay for one that is best value?

    Ken in KY

    1. Ken,
      unlocked = It’s not tied down in any way to a particular carrier. Think 3G iPad.
      This means that you can put any active SIM (with a data plan) in it. Yes, your iPhone SIM would work (if it’s a microSIM you’ll need an adapter) and yes you’ll probably be in violation of your AT&T terms/contract by doing so.

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