The Tour Site That Muse Built – Thank You Oslo, Prague, Warsaw & Istanbul!

A packed house in Warsaw

As many of you know I’m currently on my Adobe CS6 and Creative Cloud World Tour. As I visit different countries showing Adobe’s latest offerings I like to use my own demo files as much as I can. This means photos and videos I’ve taken as well as using real-world scenarios. Last week it hit me! The best way to show off Adobe Muse was to build a site in it from scratch, update it live on stage in front of the audience and publish it so that they could check it out themselves.

I rolled the site out during the Warsaw tour stop and it was a big hit.

The Gear

Using my Nikon D7000 and an Eye-Fi Pro X2 Card I shot wirelessly to my iPad using the Shuttersnitch App. I then chose the ones I wanted and using the PhotoSync App I wirelessly transferred the photos to my MacBook Pro (granted I could have had the Eye-Fi card configured to transfer directly to my computer, but it was already configured to go to the iPad). From there I used a Photoshop CS6 Droplet to automate saving the high-res images to web ready jpegs and then I added them to the slideshow for that particular city.

The beautiful city of Prague

Adobe Muse is a fantastically easy tool to design and build websites with!

Check out the site here:

4 Replies to “The Tour Site That Muse Built – Thank You Oslo, Prague, Warsaw & Istanbul!”

  1. Wow, you’re like a rock star! Perhaps you should sell a t-shirt that says, “Terry White, The 2012 World Tour.”

    If you’re looking for a subject for a podcast, you might do one filled with practical suggestions for using ID CS6 for creating books that’ll have multiple outputs: print, epub, PDF and Kindle. I just installed ID CS 6 and am about to begin a new book for a client. I’m wondering whether it makes sense to have a master that’s for editing purposes only, with separate versions for each output type. That should make for more flexibility, since no version would be driven by the requirements of another. But I’m also wondering if it would also create some unexpected glitches that I don’t know about.

    I’d also be interested in knowing just how easy it is to turn on and off Muse’s per-month service. Digital has sent my print sales into the basement, so until I have more digital titles out there, $15/month to rent Muse is more than I can afford. My website doesn’t have to change that often, so edits every second or even third month would be fine and would keep the costs down.

    –Mike Perry, Seattle

  2. Wow, technology continues to amaze me! To travel the world demonstrating such wonderful products must make for an interesting life.

    I could see using Muse when I am photographing children and want to quickly get them into the parents hands.

    Thanks for sharing this technology with us Terry!

  3. We also Thank You Terry and please say THX to all Adobe. Great Job.
    May the Force be with You and I hope we see next year in Warsaw 🙂

    Huggs 🙂

  4. Beautiful picture of Prague! You don’t even know how close you were to a great club:)

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