Time for Some Photo Restoration in Photoshop CC


In Tuesday’s episode 19 of Terry White Live: The Lightroom and Photoshop CC Show I did photo restoration of old photos. This is something that I have always done in my spare time as a hobby. However, I decided to scan in some old photos of my dad that were in my grandma’s house and they were only deteriorating more and more each day. It was time to save them…

Photo Restoration is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Unlike a lot of things in Photoshop, there is no simple click or filter that will magically fix all the things wrong with a damaged/old photo. It’s something that you will likely spend a great deal of time on depending on the level of damage.

You can see the replay below:

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Photo Restoration is a very subjective topic when it comes to the level of restoration that you do. Some people get all hung up on restoring every single pixel in the image. That’s fine, but remember that each situation is different. For me it’s about the subject of the photo. I could care less about the other background elements in the photo. Unless they have some historic or memory value I either crop them, replace them or remove them if they are going to take a ton of time to restore. No one will remember that radiator in the corner that will take you 5 hours to fix (unless there was a story behind it).

There seemed to be a ton of interest in this topic, so I will continue you on tomorrow’s show too. I look forward to seeing you all LIVE tomorrow.

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