How to Get Started with Adobe Photoshop CC – Replay

Photoshop CC

Last Friday I tackled a common request: “How to Get Started with Adobe Photoshop CC.” In my 90 minute LIVE broadcast I covered the things that people are always asking how to do in Photoshop…

Most of us get caught up in teaching specific techniques to experienced Photoshop users

However, there are new people to Photoshop coming in every day that don’t have your years of experience. These folks have no clue of where to begin. Imagine opening Photoshop for the first time and having never seen it before. What would you do first? In my LIVE stream I knew that there’s no way to cover everything in 90 minutes. I decided to do what I’ve successfully done in my YouTube videos and that is to pick the 10 things that beginners ask me the most.

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