The iPhone Book 4th Edition Is Now Shipping!

The iPhone Book 4th Edition by Scott Kelby and yours truly, Terry White is now available! I got my first glimpse of it at the Photoshop World book store this week in Vegas. I checked stock at and it's available there too. This 4th edition is loaded with all kinds of iPhone 4 and iOS 4 tips and tricks. So don't walk, but run over to and order yours today!


5 Replies to “The iPhone Book 4th Edition Is Now Shipping!”

  1. Congratulations to you and Scott on the new book release. I was just rereading my 3rd edition copy the other day and learned some really useful new things! I can’t imagine owning an iPhone and not having one of your books. There are so many iPhone features and shortcuts I would totally miss if I didn’t read about them in your IPhone books. Thanks, Terry!

  2. Excellent…best I head on over to Amazon 🙂

    The writing style in this series of books Terry is killer; a no nonsense ‘this is what you do’ approach which makes them ‘must have’ books.

    Great work,
    All the best to you,

  3. Have my first i phone and needed some help. This book is just what I needed, it’s great. Have had a hard time putting it down, just one more page leads to more.

    Nice job Terry, thanks,


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