Terry White on The Grid Live – Talking Lightroom Everywhere!


Hey guys, I had a blast meeting with the staff at KelbyOne this week and was honored once again to be on The Grid Live. If you missed it, no worries as you can check out the replay right here:

RC and I covered many of the new features of Lightroom and more importantly the many overlooked features of Lightroom Mobile, Lightroom Web and yes Lightroom everywhere.

5 Replies to “Terry White on The Grid Live – Talking Lightroom Everywhere!”

  1. Terry, great job! I’m glad I watched this episode as I’ve found a new favorite tool, Premiere Clip! Now all I need to figure out is how to create a clip using JUST the picked images in a collection, rather than just the first 100 images of the entire collection. It appears that the export algorithm isn’t looking at the pick flag when selecting the images to be imported into Clip

    1. Since having photos in collections don’t take up in extra space, simply make a collection copying just the photos you want to use in Premiere Clip to it. You can even do the copying to the NEW collection in Lightroom Mobile.

      1. Fantastic work around! Thank you! It worked beautifully! Still, I think it would be much simpler to use just the picked images from the collection as most photographers use that type of workflow daily. When you use the Copy To function, you still have to select the images individually to copy to a new collection. I feel using the already picked selection would save a couple of steps and keep the number of collections from growing. And yes, I’m sure those collections could be deleted after performing the import.

        Just a suggestion and my two cents worth.

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