Sync Your Photos From Lightroom 3 to Your iDevice



In this episode of the Adobe Creative Suite Podcast I'll show you how to sync your photos from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 to a folder and then sync that folder via iTunes to your iDevices. Taking advantage of Lightroom 3's Publish Services we can now publish images to a folder and then automatically update those images with any changes we make in Lightroom. 


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23 Replies to “Sync Your Photos From Lightroom 3 to Your iDevice”

  1. Terry, thank you for this great tip. You just made putting my photos onto my Ipod Touch so much easier, both how to do it and how to organize them. Love your blog and videos.

  2. I know, I know you heard before. Your are the best, thanks for that great tip… My Ipad thinks you are greatest to. ..

  3. Hi Terry, great post, looking foward to setting this up for the ipad.

    However, I have a couple of questions.
    When setting the image sizing would you not just set the output as 1920 on longest edge? Also the iphone 4 has 326ppi, and the ipad has 132ppi, so these would be a better setting over the 72ppi.


    1. You can go higher of course, I’m just not sure you’ll “see” a big difference since the res of the image is already 1920. Do a test of each res on the same image and see if your eyes can tell? 🙂

  4. Hey Terry;
    What a great tip. You make computing so easy. I love having an up to date ‘portfolio’ on my iPad. If I want to show some photos I go, ‘hey look what my buddy Terry White showed me’

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful christmas Terry, and all the best for the new year.


  5. Another great post and a fantastic video, Terry! I loved that so I’m going to add your video to my blog tomorrow (Christmas Eve… 😉 ).

    Merry Christmas and Peaceful time to you and your Family!


  6. Hi Terry,
    This was a great post! Do you know if there is or could be a similar method to update the gallery on a Droid Phone?


  7. Thanks Terry. I recently discovered your website. In addition to knowing your stuff, you are a fantastic educator. Love your videos and tutorials.
    Happy holidays!

  8. Terry you are the best. This was a great video. I already use the publish services for publishing photos to my blog and it works great. I have not published stuff to a folder as I could not see a need for that. I now do! One question, is it possible to use the publishing services to somehow work with adding photos to iTunes? I want to see all my best images on my new Apple TV but all my best ones are in Lightroom!

  9. Thanks Terry,
    I set up a publish service for one of my catalogs, it does not show up in my other catalogs. Willmit confuse LR3 if I set upnthe same folders in each catalog?

    What is the best method for multiple catalogs, publishing to iDevices?

    Thanks for all you do for us!

    1. No it will not confuse it doing multiple catalogs. Feel free to set up one in each catalog pointing to the same folders or different folders.

  10. Terry,

    Thanks for the tip! However, I have one question that is driving me nuts!!

    I have photos from a trip that I’ve put in a collection so I can rearrange the order of the photos…when I publish the collection, the photos revert to their unordered state.

    If I try and reorder them in the published folder, the photo I try to move get moved all the way to the back of the collection.

    How can I have the order I want??


  11. Terry,

    thanks for this great tip. However, I have aother question. I am thinking about buying an apple tv 2g.

    Will the apple tv display the images published in the same manner from within iTunes or do I have to sync them first to my ipod touch (and by only able to display them from there)?


  12. Terry – thank you very much for this very detailed and informative tutorial. Great time saver!

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