Poll: Will you be getting the Apple Watch?


Now that we have all the details of the Apple Watch including the “all day” (18 hour) battery life and pricing, I’m curious as to how many of my readers will be getting the Apple Watch. This will also help in determining the level of interest in 3rd party apps?

Please take a moment to answer my one question poll:

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4 Replies to “Poll: Will you be getting the Apple Watch?”

  1. Actually, I was surprised at the low price of Apple Watch (stainless steel). I thought it would start at $999 and the nicer bands would cost as much. $699 for the stainless steel watch and Milanese band is less than half of what I expected. The other two are about as expected.

  2. The pathetically poor performance of Yosemite has drastically lowered my interest in the Apple Watch. Still using Mavericks and a Casio. Sorry Apple…you’re becoming the GM of technology.

  3. I would love it but will probably wait a bit. Usually, there are many kinks that need to be worked out when a new device is created. I’m hoping the price will go down as well.

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