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The most significant update to Adobe Muse CC was just released on February 8th 2016. The February update to Adobe Muse CC brings responsive web design to this phenomenal tool. The best part is…

Adobe Muse CC Enables Responsive Web Design for Everyone

Adobe Muse Responsive Animation

Not only has responsive web design been integrated into Adobe Muse CC, but it’s been done in a way that allows existing and new Muse users to do it easily. Tomorrow (Friday, February 12, 2016) at 10 AM Eastern Time I will be LIVE Streaming how the Responsive features work in Adobe Muse CC and I will also be converting one of my Muse sites over to be responsive, LIVE. You can join the stream at twitch.tv/adobe. You’ll be able to ask questions in the chat pod and I’ll answer as many as I can while I work. What if you can’t make it? This question always comes up whenever there is a LIVE event. Rest assured that barring any technical glitches, this session will be available on my YouTube channel within 24 hours after the stream ends.

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

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  1. Hi Terry,

    My name is Janet. I so need your help! I created my first website in Muse back in 2014, then revised it in 2015 and now revising it again in 2016. In previous versions, images were placed and rendered clear and crisp. However, this time, the images I am replacing and/or newly placing are rendering blurry.

    I have searched my problem on line and have come up empty. I have also tried contacting Creative Cloud Technical Help, but I am still at a loss. This site is for a client and I am feeling horrible that I can’t explain this to her.

    The images she sent are jpegs 3000px by 4000px and render clearly in phototshop, but NOT in muse. I feel like I have tried everything without any success. I am so hoping you are able to help me render her site clearly.

    Thank you for your consideration, time and expertise.

    At a loss,

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