It’s All About The Light!

As a photographer I certainly value having a set of GREAT DSLR bodies and a wide range of lenses to choose from. However, the question always comes up, "do I have to have a top of the line camera to get a great shot?" Any photographer will tell you NO! It's about having an "eye", a great subject and GREAT LIGHTING! So after seeing a video over at the FStoppers site, I wanted to put this theory to the test. Here's my video shot using the Westscott Spiderlite TD5s and the end results may surprise you! Although I start off the shoot with my Nikon D700 and 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII lens, I finish it with my iPhone 4.



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G-Design iPhone 4 Tripod Holder

13 Replies to “It’s All About The Light!”

  1. I did a very similar shoot the weekend after I got my G Design iPhone tripod mount. Just like David H. always says, good light trumps better/faster lenses any day. This also includes cameras.

    1. Hi,
      The background in the video was a roll of seamless white paper. The way you light it will determine if it’s white, grey or black.


  2. Terry

    do you have a video where you go through the post shoot processing steps? the look that you got when you processed the iphone shots has escaped me – where can i see that workflow?

  3. hi terry im kikey from mexico cabos….I have a cuestion ., i have a sony a 330 …I cant use whith lightroom ….a need pluging for that? … i want to take pictures at same time use lightroom…like you video …………………….

    1. Hi, currently that camera isn’t supported by Lightroom’s native tethering support. So you’ll need to have an app that allows you to send the photos as you take them to a folder and use Lightroom’s Auto Import feature, which is what we used to do before LR3.

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