iPhone MMS is here for AT&T customers! Sigh…


As promised (late!) AT&T/Apple released the necessary Carrier update to allow MMS (Multimedia Messaging) on the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

When you plug your iPhone 3G or 3GS (not compatible with the original iPhone) into iTunes,  and check for updates you should now see the update for Carrier Settings is available. I downloaded and installed the update which only took literally about 10 seconds to download and install.


I didn’t notice any change at all until I powered the iPhone off and back on again. Once the iPhone came back up the preferences were there for MMS as well as the Camera icon in the Messages window.


It’s not soup yet


As I expected everyone must be doing this all at once and of course testing it all at once and the servers are slammed!  From my iPhone 3GS I get an error each time I try to send an MMS message although regular SMS messages go through. AT&T warned some customers (via an SMS message yesterday) that it may take time for the feature to actually work and it wouldn’t affect sending SMS. Well I’m seeing that "not working" that they mentioned. I tested another iPhone here and tried using it to send my iPhone an MMS and while it did send, I still haven’t received it yet on my iPhone 3GS (10 minutes has past).  So once again we/I wait….

   MMSsending       .MMSerror


UPDATE! Turns out my initial sending problem was AT&T account related (old data on the account). Called them and they corrected everything. All set now.


What’s your experience been with this update/feature?

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    1. Just jailbreak your 1st gen iPhone and you’ll have it. There is no, I mean no reason for it not to work on a 1st gen iPhone. I have my 1st gen jailbroken and working on T-mobile and I had MMS since 3.0 came out with little to no problems.

      I can’t wait till you can get an iPhone and use any carrier with it!

      1. Greetings,

        Have you jail broken your 3G IPhone? Are you using T-Mobile for the carerier and how has their performance been? Any problems with purchasing apps and installing them on your 1st gen phone? Hoow/Who did you use to jail break your phone? I kmnow a lot of questions, I am becopming realy tired of the poor performance from AT&T. I have about .75 years left on 2 3G IPhones.


  1. I did a sync this morning, and I tested it with a photo which I sent to a friend. It worked quite well !

    By the way, the photo was from the web, which I snapped from my IPhone (Thanks to a Terry White tip!)

  2. Working fine here, but I don’t know how long it would have taken me if I hadn’t read your blog !
    First of all, I never click on the ” check for updates ” button. And second, I would have tried a lot of other things before simply turning the phone off and then back on to get it working…..
    So thank you !
    So far so good, the only thing is that it takes long to send a pic, over a minute for me.

  3. I was about to say that the only reason for the exclamation point was because your account was not cleared to get MMS..I’ve had the carrier file for over a week now and was just waiting for them to get to my account and clear the MMS block. That happened on thursday around noon.

  4. I haven’t even upgraded to 3.1 yet. I refuse to loose tethering. Until AT&T comes out with a tethering options, it stays at 3.0 with the hack.

  5. MMS is working fine for me. I’m just wondering if there will be a big bill dropped on me for sending MMS and if having an unlimited plan helps.

    1. Sending MMS messages counts as an SMS or “Message” on your account. So say you have the 200 message plan. If you send more than 200 SMS or MMS messages you will then start to be charged per message. So if you’re anticipating doing more than 200/month, then you may want to go unlimited!

  6. I tried to do the update for MMS and it complete crashed my phone…can’t use it at all…I am really upset..

  7. My MMS is working as advertised. As would be expected, it is a little slow to send. Do you know if there is an algorithm that compresses the image before sending?

    Also, you mentioned messaging limits, but can you get an iPhone plan with limited texting? In my area, all iPhone plans come with unlimited Data and texting.

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