Innergie 3-in-1 Magic Cable: The only USB Cable You’ll Need In Your Bag

Because I travel for a living, I’m always looking for ways to consolidate and have smaller peripherals and gadgets. I carry a bunch of cables because I never know what I might need. This also includes a variety of USB cables. I carry iOS Device Sync/Charge Cables, USB Micro cables for charging things like my Jawbone BT headset and a USB mini cable for connecting hard drives.

The Innergie 3-in-1 Cable does it all

This one cable allows me to connect or charge the vast majority of devices that I carry. I can use it to charge/sync my iPhone or iPad. I can use it to connect a USB hard drive and I can use it to charge a variety of my USB peripherals such as my Logitech Ultrathin iPad Keyboard, Jawbone BT Era Headset or Jambox. The design is pretty cool. All 3 connectors are available by simply unplugging down to the one you need. If you need the iDevice 30 pin connector, then simply plug all 3 together. If you need one either the USB micro or mini just unplug the connector above it and pivot out the one you need.

My only complaint with this cable is that it’s very short (20cm). It’s fine for connecting to your computer, but if you’re going to plug something into a wall charger then you’re probably going to want it to be longer. You can use an extension cable like this one. The only other downside is that you can only use one type of connector at a time. This means that you’ll still need to carry multiple cables if you want to charge multiple devices at once.

I got a couple of these to keep in each of my bags. Now I know I’ll always have the right USB cable.

You can get the Innergie 3-in-1 Cable here.

9 Replies to “Innergie 3-in-1 Magic Cable: The only USB Cable You’ll Need In Your Bag”

  1. This is my favorite thing that you do….scoop us on cool things to make our tech life easier. I live on road too…so these ideas are very helpful! Thanks,

  2. Hey Terry,
    It’s always great that you can find these little gadgets for all of us that read your blog! Love it!

    Quick question for you. Is there an Apple 40 pin to “female” usb cable out there yet? I want to be able to take my Ipad, use the Apple 40 pin cable and copy images to a USB thumb drive for backups without hooking up to my computer.

    1. The Apple Camera Connection kit comes with a 30pin to USB female adapter. However, it’s not really an issue of the cable/adapter. There is no native support for thumbdrives in iOS.

      1. Thanks for the response Terry!

        So I guess the best option would be either Time Capsule (internal hd) or Airport Base Station with an external usb hard drive hooked up. So that way you could back up info on the Ipad without hooking up to a computer.

  3. Hi Terry,

    I’m a little confused here. Will this device STORE the info in addition to synching? I have an
    iPad IOS 3.

    Thanks for your help,

    1. It’s a “cable”, it has no storage at all. It can connect to 3 types of USB connections eliminating the need to carry 3 different cables.

  4. Hi Terry,
    I’m a little confused. Does this device , in addition to synching, my other devices? I want it for my iPad IOS 3.

    Thank you !

  5. Ok thank you for your prompt reply! I “like” it and will indicate that above. Enjoy your day.

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