How To Create Photo Slideshows for Your Website With Adobe Muse

In this episode of the Adobe Creative Suite Podcast Terry White shows How to Create A Photo Slideshow For Your Website With Adobe Muse. Whether you’re a photographer or just someone who wants to put a photo gallery on the web, it couldn’t be easier than the steps you’ll see in this tutorial.

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6 Replies to “How To Create Photo Slideshows for Your Website With Adobe Muse”

  1. Terry, I’ve been a big fan of your Adobe videos for a long time. I was wondering how you put them together. You have footage of yourself and then a screen cast which has lovely transitions. I would love to be able to do that. Do you work with one program which records from webcam and switches to the screen cast, or do you record them separately? I am currently using CS 5.5 and have Captivate. I recently did a screen cast using Webex, but the audio was poor, and the video didn’t look half as good as the video in yours.

    Thanks for creating such great content.

  2. Thank you Terry, it’s a great little program, although sadly only available for Mac and I am Windows, but I did locate a program that looks very similar in Camtasia Studio. I appreciate your reply.

  3. Terry, how can I make that people download free pdfs from a site, but first they have to fill a little contact form. Hope you can help me.
    Thanks from Santiago!!

    1. You can use the Contact Form on one page to collect the info. Then use the “After Sending” option of the contact form to direct them to the page with the links to the PDFs.

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