Hey! You Didn’t Do A Blog Post Today…

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Well technically I did. You’re reading it now. However, the point of this post is that I don’t post daily or as much as I used to. The reason is quite simple, I don’t always have a product to review or something that requires a full blown blog post. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have something to say each day. For the shorter, quick messages that I want to get out to my followers I usually use social networks. I almost always have something quick to say or point people to each day and I do those posts on Twitter, my Facebook Fan Page, Google+, YouTube, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. If you’re missing your daily “Terry White” fix, then it’s best to make sure you follow my social media channels. These are the places I’m also more likely to have a conversation with my followers when time permits. Even if you HATE social media, you can still browse my Facebook Fan Page or Twitter feed WITHOUT actually having to be a member of those networks. Just this week alone I posted “inside-look” photos of Adobe San Francisco, a funny Facebook Phone Parody video, sneak peek videos on Adobe’s Video Products, a cool Illustrator extension that turns shapes into code (geek style), and more. If you’re only following my blog, then you’re missing out!


3 Replies to “Hey! You Didn’t Do A Blog Post Today…”

  1. Hi Terry,
    What a relief to see that I’m not the only one with this predicament as a blogger! When I started my blog I was not working full-time, so I had more time to write and curate. Now, I’m luck if I can can something up at least once a week! Like you, I do have to depend on social media just to reach out to say, “Hey, I’m still here!” now and then.

    Glad to have discovered you, and since I have decided to make it my goal for the summer to become an Adobe Muse Certified Expert, I’m sure I’ll be watching your blog posts and videos a LOT in the coming months! 🙂

    Great post today.

  2. hi Terry. Thanks for all you do to keep mortals updated things digital. I’m going to be building a Muse site for a client that has a chain of restaurants. Problem not all use same pricing. Any ideas on how I can direct customers to correct pricing for their geographic area? Similar to what large retailers due by having users input their zip codes. Plugins for Muse? Thanks for any direction you can provide. Doug

    1. I don’t know of an effective way to do it other than have people choose their region from a menu that links to a page with the appropriate pricing.

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