Great Tripod for those times when you can’t use a Tripod


If you’re a photographer either you have already run into this or you will soon. You will run into the Tripod Police. These are the security guards at various locations that are employed to make sure that you take crappy shots. Yep, they wake up each day saying “whose shot can I ruin today?” I’m kidding of course, but there are definitely locations where tripods are prohibited for “safety” reasons. They don’t want someone tripping, falling and suing based on your tripod legs. Unfortunately these are usually the locations where you really want to use a tripod so that you can do a long exposure or shoot bracketed for HDR. If only there was a solution…

Luckily there’s a GREAT solution for this and it’s called the Platypod Pro! Rather than talk about it it’s better to show it:

This accessory is small enough to be a permanent addition to my bag. I’m using it with my Kirk BH-3 ballhead.


Recently I got a chance to photograph a Japanese garden in LA and rather than carry around my bigger tripod. I simply used the Platypod Pro instead. I’m glad I had it because I was able to get this shot with it by doing a long exposure:


You can get the Platypod Pro here.

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