For the Nikon/Canon Coffee Lover

Although I've taken the wraps off my Holiday Gadget Gift Guide for 2010 my buddy Scott Kelby had this item in his 2010 Gift Guide and I thought "how cool is that!?" At first glance they look like good glass. However, they're really coffee cups!

Order the Nikon version here.

Order the Canon version here.

6 Replies to “For the Nikon/Canon Coffee Lover”

  1. That Nikon 24-70 mug is nice BUT who really has a travel mug that small? Really? The 70-200 is probably a better size (I know they have the Canon but haven’t seen a Nikon version). Plus, is this a mug you can actually take in the car with you without spilling it all over the place? Seems like you actually have to open the entire top to access the coffee. WHOA… I sound like such a “debbie downer”! LOL! I think it’s because I REALLY want one but it’s just not practical. Damn!

  2. I typically wont buy these kinds of things for myself if it’s a tad too played out, but in case, I know I’d be in the extreme minority with my Nikon mug. 😉

  3. I saw the Canon Mug advertised months ago, passed the info on too. The importer was supposed to contact me if a Nikon version became available but never did. Glad you posted this. It’ll have to suffice until A real lens at a good price comes up. In the meantime I’ll keep the wife happy by remodeling our kitchen, starting in January.

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