Awesome NEW Backlit Keyboard for Lightroom Users

I finally got a chance to put my new Lightroom USB Backlit Keyboard to use. Editors Keys has been making dedicated application keyboards and keyboard covers for years. I typically go for the keyboard covers for my MacBook Pro, but when I’m at my desk I had been using a full size Apple USB keyboard. The Apple keyboard is not backlit. I use Lightroom everyday. So if there was a application keyboard to choose for me it would be Lightroom (or Photoshop).

You have to see the Lightroom keyboard in action!

I recorded this video so that you can see it up close and in use:


The Bottom Line

If you are a Lightroom user it would be hard not to like this keyboard. It comes in both Mac and PC versions. While it would be nice to have additional USB ports on it for other devices, I can certainly live without them as I didn’t have anything plugged into my existing Apple keyboard.

You can get the Lightroom Backlit keyboard for Mac here.

You can get the Lightroom Backlit keyboard for PC here.

4 Replies to “Awesome NEW Backlit Keyboard for Lightroom Users”

  1. Terry;
    I love you blog, tips and recommendations. I tried to order this keyboard however I am being told that it is back ordered till July. Hopefully this is because of your post of how good it is. However a delivery date in July in the middle of may kind of is a big why bother thought.
    Just thought you would want to know.

  2. The person who use the lightroom will understand the value of this keyboard. I am a lightroom user and this keyboard is just awesome. I can do my task in the lightroom easily with the help of this keyboard.

  3. Terry i love your blog cause i find many important thing in your content ,please keep up regularly i thing it is very helpful for me .thanks

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