Adobe Audition for Mac: Technology “Sneak” Preview

To all my Audio loving Mac buddies, Adobe's Worldwide Creative Suite Evangelist – Jason Levine gives us a special Technology "Sneak" Preview of Adobe Audition for Mac. Check out these two videos:





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9 Replies to “Adobe Audition for Mac: Technology “Sneak” Preview”

  1. As one who uses both OS X and XP, this is great news – Audition has trumped BIAS Peak for a long time and now boom – lots of great stuff here!

    I just wish Adobe was proud enough of Audition to place it on their front page!
    (And ditch Soundbooth which is a useless, poltroonish disgrace)

    btw DaveX, I hear this version is a port from the Windows version so it’s a matter of hoping the Mac version keeps up 😉

  2. Wonderful news about Audition!

    I’ve been an Audition fan/user for years, but now I’m mostly on the Mac editing video in Final Cut. I hate using Soundtrack Pro, but porting the audio over to fix on the PC is not really an efficient workflow.

  3. This is great news! Only one question: Will this version also be available for Windows users?? I now use Audition 3, but really looking forward to 4. Hope you can make my day!


  4. It’s a great news that Adobe continues the development of Audition 🙂 There was rumours that it could be discontinued… End of the rumour! Thanks!

  5. I think this is very effective technology for the Mac users. So i think it will be so more easy for us to get the Adobe in here and we can use the latest feature in here.

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