7 New Things You Can Ask Siri in iOS 7


This seems to be an annual thing  for me as each new iOS version lets you do more with Siri and each year there are more and more new iPhone and iPad users. Siri lets you do so much with simple voice commands and most people have no clue what you can ask Siri to do. For quick reference here’s my original 25 Fun Things to Ask Siri post and the follow up 25 New Things To Ask Siri when iOS 6 came out. Well iOS 7 is here and of course you can Ask Siri even more things now. Here are a few of my favorites – 7 New Things You Can Ask Siri:

AirPlane Mode (you tell Siri to control your settings, Bluetooth on, make the screen brighter, etc.)


Play iTunes Radio


FaceTime My Sister


Post to Facebook (or write on my wall, or Tweet)


What’s trending on twitter?


Read my email


What planes are flying over me right now?


Now for a little fun

Siri definitely has a sense of humor. Ask Siri these 5 questions and see what she comes back with:

Can you make me a sandwich?

Beam me up

What’s the answer to the universe?

Is Santa Claus real?

Who’s on first?

5 Replies to “7 New Things You Can Ask Siri in iOS 7”

  1. Oooooo… That “What planes” one is really spooky. It knows what airliners are far out of sight overhead (with their flight numbers), as well as the light planes headed for a nearby airport (with their tail number). And that’s along with the direction and elevation I need to look to see them.

    Perhaps we should rename Siri to NSiriA.


    The RAF would have loved to have had Siri during the Battle of Britain.

    RAF: “Where is the incoming German bomber formation.”

    Siri: Point your AA guns to Azimuth 72 degrees, elevation 67 degrees.”

    As well as the Royal Navy.

    RN: Where is the German battleship Bismarck?

    Siri: The Bismarck is 625 miles west of Brest headed due east at 28 knots.


    Sadly, there’s still no KidsSiri. When I asked, “Show me a kitty?,” it came back, “Sorry, I couldn’t find Kitty in your contacts.”

    –Michael W. Perry, Inkling Books, Auburn, AL

  2. I asked Siri where the nearest flower shop was and she replied, “Ooh, for me?”, and one time I said “Please stop all timers and clear them” and she interpreted it as “Please stop Alzheimer’s and clear them”, to which I got the reply below.

  3. Have you ever gotten Siri to sing for you it’s not easy but you can be done you have to be persistent and Siri will finally relented and sing you a song,and you have to ask very nicely and Siri will sing you a song from the Wizard of Oz ……….

    Here is a screen capture..

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